Retirement Planning Awards 2023

Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 19. Best Financial Advisory Firm 2023 – Scotland “As a fully independent company, we have access to the widest possible range of options and will only recommend those we believe will help them maximise the potential of the retirement they have been working towards.” McCrea Financial Services are a team of 27 staff, including 6 advisers, who highly value growth and dedication to each client – and the industry. It provides financial planning services that include retirement planning, pensions, and investments, making it a compassionate firm that reaches across a broad range of financial advice. Not only this, but McCrea Financial Services can offer “fully independent advice for all mortgage and protection matters to engage with a wider demographic, many of whom will be at the start of their financial planning journey.” McCrea appreciate that people need good quality financial planning and advice throughout their lives. When dealing with people’s finances, they know that it is important to look at a long-term approach to working with you not just at the outset but for every stage of your life. When it comes to retirement, McCrea Financial Services endeavours to cultivate an environment where their clients can thrive for years upon years. Retirement doesn’t have a set time frame, and it is all about staying abreast of changes and developments so that we can be in our desired financial situation for longer. Their team of experienced professionals makes McCrea Financial Services the best option for financial advice in all of Scotland. Douglas enthuses, “Our expert advisers can take the pain out of planning your retirement, liaising with pension and investment providers on your behalf and developing clear recommendations to discuss with you. “Our personalised approach to planning retirement for our clients ensures they can structure their retirement plans based on their priorities, current situation and level of comfort with financial risk.” Completely devoted to its client-first service, McCrea Financial Services ensures its team stays close, but each member still has the indispensable ability to operate as an individual – taking initiative when needed, and working as a well-oiled machine when the business requires it. Douglas expands, “We continually review systems, processes and tech to do everything we can to increase and improve efficiency and effectiveness and provide high levels of regular communication to stay in touch, with a new client portal due for launch later this year.” Douglas tells us, “We recently agreed a deal to become part of the OneFourNine Group and are looking forward to the benefits this will deliver for our clients as part of a UK-wide group, with our heart, of course, firmly in Scotland.” The future ahead consists of innovation in the client-focused independent financial planning realm. For McCrea Financial Services, their goal is to “continue to find sustainable solutions to the challenges we face, particularly in attraction and recruitment of talented young advisers and paraplanners.” Inevitably, their movement as a united team keeps their clients satisfied, their members happy, and their services working at optimum capacity. Healthy finances are absolutely integral to mental, and even physical, wellbeing. We all need financial stability throughout our lives, and what better way to achieve this than with McCrea Financial Services. Here we talk to Douglas McCrea, Managing Director, as McCrea wins their title in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023. With national, regional, and community level sponsorships close to its very core, McCrea Financial Services work tirelessly to raise money for charities. Douglas tells us that the team has a “commitment to our annually nominated charity with over £650,000 now raised to date.” Truly caring for its clients, and the world around it, McCrea Financial Services delivers their fantastic service with no sign of tiring. McCrea lives and breathes humanitarian values and will continue to do all it can to improve lives. McCrea Financial Services has now won Best Financial Advisory Firm 2023 – Scotland, and we are sure to see it stay on top as its passion pushes it to greater heights, every single day. Contact: Ross McCrea Company: McCrea Financial Services Web Address: