Retirement Planning Awards 2023

7. Q. How much money do you currently manage? Regan: I’ve developed and refined my strategy with my own capital, which I consider essential. As an investor, you want your managers to have skin in the game, and you get it with me. Since I started offering insurance policies, I’ve only recently started accepting outside investors. I’m currently managing around $50 million, most of that being my capital. Unlike most traditional fund managers, my niche doesn’t allow me to scale into the billions, nor is that size and scale appealing to me. Q. Tell us a little about your personal life…what do you do when you’re not thinking about arbitrage and investor insurance policies? Regan: I am a proud father and born-again Christian. I practice something called Bushido and live according to a strict code of honor and morals developed by Japanese samurai. I love the seven principles of Bushido and practice them daily. I am also a huge adrenaline guy. I like extreme sports and anything that allows me to test my mental fortitude and self-imposed psychological and physical limitations. I also love donating funds to help underprivileged children in the regions of Colombia where we have most of our relationships with artisanal and small to mediumsized private mining operations. Q. How many funds do you currently manage? Regan: Three. I want to keep it that way. I like simple, and I like easy. These three hit the investment goals and objectives of nearly anyone I might speak to, regardless of age, risk appetite, investment goals, or suitability. My lineup includes the Next Level Income Fund, the Next Level Growth Fund and the Next Level Retirement Fund. Q. Why would people invest? Regan: Really….(laughs) aside from guaranteed returns? (Laughs again.) Well, I always like to use the most popular benchmark of performance that professional investors typically use, the S&P 500 Index. Before I explain how I have crushed the S&P Index in terms of riskadjusted performance, I want to highlight a little-known fact. Over 90% of hedge fund managers don’t even match the S&P Index. In the years 2011 through 2020, the S&P 500 beat the average hedge fund every year. Yet if we compare my Next Level Growth Fund where investors get a guaranteed APY of 33.3% ROI, you would need to go back to 1995 (28 years ago) to find a year where an investor would have seen a better return. Now…to do that with the addition of an insurance policy guaranteeing an index-beating return? You tell me what you think. (Laughs again.) Q. Thanks Paul, this has been an amazing interview. How can people invest or learn more? Regan: Just send an email to [email protected]. I am still small enough that I usually answer all inquiries personally. You can also visit our website at