Retirement Planning Awards 2023

Nov22526 Retirement Planning Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best International Trust & Retirement Solutions Provider 2023 – Guernsey A shared vision to protect, preserve, and enhance client wealth The founders of Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) brought the business into existence on the shared philosophy that, “Everyone has the right to a safe haven to protect and preserve their family’s financial future.” This belief continues to live out ten years since the business began through the range of innovative, international financial products offered by OTAP, which cover pensions, trusts, and retirement plans. The founders also believe that adequately equipping an individual to safeguard their wealth and legacy is best achieved by working alongside financial advisers who look to ensure the longterm interest of clients. Established in 2012, OTAP is a specialist provider of international pension, trust, retirement, and employee benefit solutions. These solutions deliver peace of mind and financial security to their clients by protecting their wealth from the many threats and uncertainties inherent in the world today. OTAP’s knowledge, expertise, products, and operational capability, together with their extensive experience in administration and the development of international solutions for private and corporate clients, are specifically aligned to the needs of advisers and clients. By working in partnership with advisers, OTAP feels that it is best placed to deliver its solutions to individual and corporate clients. Currently, OTAP partners with over 120 financial advisory groups worldwide, delivering solutions to circa 6,000 clients comprised of individuals and corporations. A Guernsey-based and regulated company, which means their clients’ wealth is preserved in a premier international jurisdiction Located in Guernsey, a premier financial services jurisdiction, OTAP is regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), which is a mark of quality and accountability. Furthermore, Guernsey’s trust and pension legislation is considered to be worldclass, and clients benefit from an ombudsman service, which many international jurisdictions lack. This, in tandem with OTAP’s approach to compliance and governance, provides significant comfort and reassurance to clients as their hard-earned wealth is protected from the many threats and risks that wealth faces today. “We pride ourselves on the security and peace of mind our clients get from us being located in Guernsey. Highly regulated and well respected, clients benefit from the many regulatory and legal safeguards that Guernsey provides. Furthermore, Guernsey’s proactive legal system continues to evolve and enables the ongoing development of products and services, ensuring our offering remains relevant both today, and importantly, into the future.” - Rex Cowley, Co-Founder and Director. The Founders and Directors of OTAP are respected individuals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the pensions and financial services industry, and they are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals. It is this combination of experience and expertise at executive, management, and administration level, which delivers a specialist and highly dynamic business that puts client outcomes first. A world-class approach of service, security, and support OTAP’s world-class approach is underpinned by the values of service, security, and support. These values combine to deliver an efficient, expedient, and reliable service. OTAP’s products and services are used by a wide range of firms, from listed recognised brands to boutique specialist firms. These firms benefit from OTAP’s expertise on the regulations, application, and structuring of international pensions, trust, and employee benefit solutions, backed by dedicated technical support to advisers. OTAP understands and respects the client and adviser working relationship. Therefore, they equip advisers with the relevant information to assist in terms of their services and how these services can fulfil the needs of clients. The prioritisation of adviser and client servicing, efficient administration, and general support are seen as sought-after differentiators in respect of OTAP. Furthermore, OTAP is known for investing time in understanding the needs of advisers and providing them with access to relevant people in the firm, be it for technical, administrative, marketing, service, or strategic support. This access, together with quality support materials, case studies, guidance notes, training, and general correspondence, is valued by advisers. “In short, we develop our services to make a real difference in the lives of people. That is, we deliver on the things that really matter to clients and their advisers.” - Rex Cowley, Co-Founder and Director. Award-winning international financial solutions OTAP has an extensive range of award-winning international products that cater for income, accumulation, and succession of wealth. Furthermore, they facilitate a wide range of outcomes, including asset protection, investment freedom, choice of currency, tax efficiency, the ability to build wealth, improved financial Mar23146 Awarded with a title in the Retirement Planning Awards 2023, Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd has been recognised for its ability to guarantee peace of mind. Here we learn more about the unparalleled firm as it continues to serve its clients from Guernsey – and beyond.