W&F November 2017

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 18 Wealth & Finance International - November 2017 Discussing what is in store for the future of the island, Philipp is keen to point out that the team are exploring the idea of changing the power system from generator to full solar power, as well as signing off with more detail on a possible hotel in the area. “Moving forward, we are planning in the near future to change our power system from generator to full solar power. We are in process of receiving an environmental certificate to become a certified tour operator. Most of all, we want to comply with the highest social and environmental standard in the market. “Also, we plan to build a small boutique hotel in that area which will open their doors beginning of 2019. On the far eastern side of Pearl Island, lies an area as large as the existing tour area. This area already boasts a third beach, an oversized open air gazebo with 360* view perfect for a bar & restaurant and an area prime for a private pavilion at the end of the island. This will be a luxury, very exclusive boutique hotel on a private island just 20 minutes of the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau.” Pearl Island Bahamas opened its doors to tourists and locals in June 2016, after being idle for a decade. The team had a vision to offer a unique Bahamian getaway to guests, on a dream island filled with Bahamian flair, art, culture and music for locals and visitors from all around the world. Philipp explains what it is about the island that guests find so enticing. “When visiting Pearl Island, our guests enjoy all day beach access, local food and drinks, waterpark, guided snorkel tours at our own coral reef, water sports activities like kayaks and paddleboards, stunning crystal-clear Bahamian water and breath- taking views from our lighthouse. With Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises we have one of the largest cruise ship companies in the world as our partners. In addition, guests can book the perfect location for their next group celebration, conference, meeting, incentive trip or destination wedding. No matter what type of group they are putting together, we will make their event a special and unforgettable experience.” With its stunning views and remarkable landmarks, there are many distinguishing features which make guests’ initial impressions more favourable. Philipp talks about the views which captivate the visitor’s attention, and how friendly staff are always on hand straight away to provide great customer service. As soon as a guest arrives at the island, they are almost definitely certain to want to return. “Arriving at the Island after a stunning sightseeing cruise on our catamaran, our guests will receive a warm welcome from our friendly staff, with a Bahamian style welcome drink. Afterwards, guests capture their personal Pearl Island experience, when our professional on island photographers take a unique welcome photo which every guest can take home. “There are a variety of options for our visitors, including going on a walk to the lighthouse, relaxing on two pristine beaches, or they can unwind in the shade with amazing tropical cocktail. A great Bahamian lunch of oven roasted chicken breast, Bahamian golden fish fillets, Bahamian peas & rice and coleslaw, will be served around noon. There is also the added option of enjoying a guided snorkel tour along a vibrant coral reef with fascinating marine life.” Furthermore, with guests already having an appetite for more, it is important that they continue to receive the best service possible throughout their stay. Philipp explains how the team at Pearl Island Bahamas ensure that their staff excel in their roles, and what techniques are employed to keep visitors happy and enjoy their experience. “To ensure a truly authentic experience, the company only employs with Bahamians and with 100% Bahamian companies. We want to be as authentic as we can. Every guest should feel the happiness, the joy of the people from the Bahamas and an unforgettable Bahamian hospitality. We try to bring the Bahamian way of life a little closer to the people all around the world. “Moreover, our goal is to create an environment of simple elegance that is unique, authentic and blends effortlessly with the prevailing setting and an unrelenting commitment to meeting customer needs through excellence in quality, service and hospitality. Our extraordinary attention to detail makes Pearl Island a sought-after venue for your excursion.” Pearl Island Bahamas is the newest island experience near Nassau and its surrounding islands, offering daily excursions and a variety of unique island experiences. Marketing & Sales Manager, Philipp Rebmann gives us an overview of the company and discusses what makes the experience so attractive to visitors. Escape to an Unforgettable Day 1711WF19 “To ensure a truly authentic experience, the company only employs with Bahamians and works with 100% Bahamian companies. We want to be as authentic as we can be.”

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