Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019 5 Dedicated to providing a holistic approach to wealth management, Woodfall Wealth Consultancy has flourished over the past five years since it was created, and it now works with a range of clients, offering an array of solutions. James outlines a selection of these in his opening comments and explores how these help the firm to meet its client’s individual goals. “Here at Woodfall Wealth Consultancy we offer a full range of products and services to support our clients plans. This includes Pensions, ISAs, Investment Bonds, Discretionary and Advisory Investment Management, General Insurance, Life Insurances, Mortgages, Corporate Lending, Private Medical, Cash Management, VCT/EIS, Business Growth and Exit Planning. We also have a tax and legal panel to refer to when needed, allowing us to offer our clients every service they could possibly need. “Our approach revolves around cashflow modelling, and as such we start by getting the plan right over a couple of meetings before we recommend any products or solutions. In every case the main goal that our clients are working towards is financial independence and we put in place the necessary strategies to make that achievable. “Alongside our work with entrepreneurs and wealthy individuals, we also work with the business owners on protecting risks within their business and reviewing employee benefits. One of the services we offer is an in-house financial consultation service for staff, which has proved very popular and shows that we are capable of offering the solutions our customers really need.” Client service and support is a key aspect of the firm’s work, and as such James is eager to showcase its approach to ensuring every client feels supported throughout the wealth management process. “As a team we view quality of service as our number one objective and we are always looking at ways which we can improve the way we do things to make our clients lives easier. Our weekly team meetings always involve a process review where we look for ways of enhancing the experience our clients receive. We deliver service with a focus on minimising the work our client needs to do in order to do business with us. Our clients are busy people and we appreciate that if we can deliver solutions to their needs in the easiest way, then we have provided a quality service.” Such a focus on client service drives Woodfall Wealth Consultancy in every aspect of its work and is deeply ingrained in the firm’s culture, as James explains. “Internally, our culture as a business is built around commitment to the work we do, being detail orientated and analytical and we put our clients first and ensure we are doing the right thing for them. As a team we have full day meetings out the office once a quarter where we work on the business. We did a session at the start of the year on our culture and values which was really positive. As a team we all pride ourselves on doing our jobs well and we share successes and ways we can improve in our weekly team meetings. “This client focused culture is maintained and developed by encouraging everyone to contribute and be a part of the business. Everyone is actively encouraged to keep developing themselves, both personally and professionally and we support our staff through professional exams. When we recruit, part of the process is ensuring that new team members will fit in and have these values from the start. We do not want to impress our values on someone and force them to change, and as such we only bring in new staff who share our values and are willing to work with us to achieve the quality of service we pride ourselves in offering.” With the future stretched ahead of it, Woodfall Wealth Consultancy foresees even greater success over the next five years and beyond, as James is proud to conclude. “Over the coming years Woodfall Wealth Consultancy will continue growing as a business, and this will be driven by recruiting the right people to build the team and work on continuingly improving the advice we give and the way we work with our clients. This growth will put us in a great position to work with even more clients and offer them the same exceptional standard of service we are currently renowned for.” Company: Woodfall Wealth Consultancy Ltd Name: James Woodfall Address: York House, 23 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6UJ Telephone Number: 02077441643 Web Address: woodfallwealth.co.uk For more than five years Woodfall Wealth Consultancy Ltd has specialised in working with entrepreneurs and business owners, providing them with a long-term financial plan based on their goals. As he celebrates the firm’s win in this year’s Wealth and Money Management Awards James Woodfall talks us through how far his company has come since it first began. Best Wealth Management Firm - London Woodfall Wealth Consultancy “This client focused culture is maintained and developed by encouraging everyone to contribute and be a part of the business.”