Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 8 Wealth & Finance International - Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019 APR2w2 Underpinned by a personable approach, VLC works tirelessly to help cultivate individualized financial planning solutions for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, young professionals and retirees. Ken begins by talking us through the firm’s approach to financial planning and wealth management and how this helps the team to offer support tailored to meet each individual client’s specific requirements. “At VLC our family advisors offer basic financial services to clients and advanced financial services and consulting to members of our very own Rembrandt Society SM . Ensuring that our clients/ members receive the highest quality of service that they need and expect remains at the core of our business ethic. “Central to our success is the fact that we take a holistic approach to financial planning. We focus on each client/member relationship while helping to paint their Life Vision which starts out as a blank canvas. “Through extensive and regular communication and planning, we develop and hone strategies that help our clients and members achieve their desired quality of living while helping to paint their Life Visions through every life milestone. The trust that is nurtured in these relationships often expands to include additional family members and even generations of families.” Such a personal approach is key to ensuring that clients and members feel supported throughout the process and able to make the choices that are right for them. Ken discusses how each new client/ member is supported and the process the team undertakes to ensure they feel welcomed into the VLC family from the very beginning. “As we know that no two individuals are alike, here at VLC we firmly believe that bespoke financial planning is essential, beginning at the base by identifying what matters most to our clients/ members. Initially, a one-on-one, sit down meeting (as we like to say, a Life Vision Session), often in the comfort of a member’s home, is scheduled at their convenience. “Together, our family advisors consult with individuals or couples in an organic manner, identifying financial goals and other objectives that sometimes they don’t realize are of importance to them. Frequently, matters materialize that might play major or minor roles in the achievement of their Life Vision. This unique method of financial planning is vital in helping to meet their needs because it allows us to understand and help reach desired lifestyles long before and after retirement.” In today’s world, where people are living longer and cost of living is constantly rising, focusing on supporting clients throughout their entire lives is of paramount importance. However, many consumers and investors do not know how to approach it. Ken explains why his firm’s work is of vital importance and why he and his team work hard to ensure every client receives guidance throughout their lives. “Never before in our lifetime has planning and creating a Life Vision been more important. Addressing longevity, volatility of financial markets and the needs for clients and members to protect their buying power is more critical than ever. Also, many people face dealing with aging parents; in many cases, children are taking care of aging parents while planning for their own children’s education more than ever before. Nevermore in our history has politics become more influential that what we experience today. “VLC has flourished, as consumers are coming to understand the importance of planning for longevity, and not just the foreseeable future. In the last twelve months, we have experienced exponential growth in new clients and members leading to a record AUM. Through Rembrandt Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC (VLC) is a boutique, wealth management firm offering highly personalized financial services and consulting to clients and members nationwide. We invited Managing Director Kenneth W. Van Leeuwen to tell us more about the firm and the bespoke services it has to offer. Best Boutique Wealth Management Firm 2019 - New Jersey Society SM and the advanced level of service provided, we strive to take outstanding care of our clients and members. We do so by understanding their long-term goals, caring about their long-term success and providing counseling through volatile times. This approach has helped us to support a myriad of clients since our inception, and going forward we will continue to provide the award- winning support they have come to expect and rely upon.” As he explores the future, Ken is optimistic that his firm can continue to achieve incredible success for clients, as he is proud to conclude. “Overall, the VLC future is bright. We attribute this to the expanding education of consumers in the value of having a trusted financial advisor backed by a professional team that guides them in painting their Life Vision. We will continue to avail our services and expertise to more and more corporate executives. “While VLC specializes in working with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, young professionals and retirees, we are also placing emphasis on helping corporate executives maximize their stock compensation plans. As such, we believe that VLC is well-positioned for our brand to flourish over the coming years and we are excited about this prospect.” Company: Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC Name: Kenneth W. Van Leeuwen Address: 281 Witherspoon Street, Suite 220, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 Telephone Number: 609.580.0088 Web Address: https://vanleeuwenco.com/ “Through extensive and regular communication and planning, we develop and hone strategies that help our clients and members achieve their desired quality of living while helping to paint their Life Visions through every life milestone.” Jun19465 Van Leeuwen & Company, LLC

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