Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Wealth and Money Management Awards 2019 9 Founded in 1987, Crossmark boasts a multi- decade legacy of specializing in income generation, risk management and values-based investing. Today, the firm is able to provide a full suite of investment management solutions to institutional investors, financial advisors and the clients they serve. The firm’s expert team values all of their relationships with their clients and consultants. As such, the team is devoted to serving and supporting clients in the best way that they can, providing a dedicated portfolio manager and client service associate for each account. For institutional consultants, Crossmark asks them to select their desired benchmark or allocation and then disclose their constraints. Using this information, the firm has an optimization process that works to control the risk of a client’s custom investment universe and objectives against many different benchmarks. Understanding that financial advisors require a different approach, the Crossmark team works to provide investment solutions to meet needs within their practices and help grow their business. They offer strong income-oriented solutions, access to portfolio managers and the ability to overlay screens at competitive account minimums. Additionally, they also offer values- based investment solutions, through a proprietary screening methodology that goes beyond the basic analysis of widely available quantitative industry data, and includes insightful fundamental research. Such exceptional service would be impossible to provide without a dedicated team of experts, and as such, Crossmark focuses on fostering a culture that guides the way their employees work and live. Values are an integral part of the culture both internally and externally, and the firm has been a part of the values-based investing movement since 1996. The firm’s culture of serving others permeates throughout the organization, as employees are encouraged to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Best Investment Advisory Firm & Leading Specialists in Values-Based Investing Crossmark Global Investments As an organization, Crossmark embraces shared and diverse values. The firm has both a fun and encouraging culture that also utilizes a high level of professionalism and respect around the office. Each employee is integral to the firm’s service offering, and is treated as family so that they are able to offer Crossmark’s clients the exceptional standard of service they expect and rely upon. Ultimately, Crossmark’s mission is to positively impact the lives of its clients and unequivocally serve as a wise steward of their wealth. This will remain central to the firm’s success even as it continues to grow and expand its assets under management and global business to drive it to even greater international recognition and renown. Company: Crossmark Global Investments Name: Manduwem Mbride Address: 15375 Memorial Dr, Suite 200 Telephone Number: 7132436725 Web Address: crossmarkglobal.com Jun19470 Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Crossmark Global Investments is a boutique investment management firm. To celebrate the firm’s win of two coveted awards in this year’s Wealth & Money Management Awards we profile it to find out more about the secrets behind this phenomenal success.

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