FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 Based in eight countries around the world, Sharesinside is a Fintech firm with a difference. As the internet has allowed for the democratisation of investment, the need to ensure that investors are able to get the right information quickly has never been more important. Sharesinside is committed to providing this information to its customers directly, allowing everyone the same opportunity to take advantage of what is on offer. It goes without saying that the Sharesinside team has gone above and beyond in the creation of their platform. With this sophisticated tech solution, issuers are able to directly communicate with investors. Companies can remove the stress of getting a message out, instead focusing on what the message is. For investors, keeping up to date with the latest information is essential. Only from the most accurate data can the best decisions be made. Needless to say, finding this information in the maelstrom of knowledge available can be difficult. The team at Sharesinside Ltd have specialised in this field, transforming the market for investors. We profiled the firm to find out more. Best Investor Engagement App Fintech 2020 Those who use it are able to take advantage of the many benefits it brings, including real-time alerts delivered directly from issuers of choice. Instead of being filtered through a system, this information goes directly to mobile devices so investment can be done on the move. The challenge for many businesses is staying up to date with more technologically aware investors. Sharesinside is focused on not only keeping the system simple to use, but up to date with the latest standards. One of the key principles behind the system is that of fairness, and customers are able to get the same chance to receive the same information. The team at Sharesinside have made a point of ensuring that all aspects of the platform encourage best practice in Corporate Governance, Investor Relations Sharesinside May20097 and Crisis Communication. To businesses, it’s a gamechanger that has the potential to affect the whole investment experience. The need to continually be looking for new ways of working is what inspires the team at Sharesinside. While some companies settle, only changing to suit new operating systems, Sharesinside has always been at the forefront of the industry. From a management level downwards, the company is committed to checking out the markets to see what benefits can be gained from new technologies. The use of blockchain is one of the areas that the business is currently exploring, with more efficient ways of communicating being another. Having achieved such success, Sharesinside is in an ideal position for growth at present. Having found a way to combine social networks, investors and the stock exchange, the team are already looking for the next big challenge. The plan has always been to incorporate more elements into the platform that could be of use to business. The Fund section recently went live, and the Start-up section will be online soon. A crowdfunding section has long been planned as a way of garnering global interest in new ideas, while an IPO section is intended to allow companies to gain exposure before their release date. As the platform already appeals to active investors and shareholders already, these additions could be incredibly useful to all parties. It goes without saying that the team at Sharesinside have developed something truly unique. It’s a platform that allows investors and companies greater insights that guide better business decisions. The success of Sharesinside comes not only from its forward-thinking sentiment, but its ability to fill a gap in the market. Company: Sharesinside Contact: Kurt Beck Web Address: