FinTech Awards 2020 20 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Comparison Creator is an independent digital software development company that specialises in providing an outsourced solution for financial product comparison websites. It works with insurance companies and financial services providers to create comparison tables of comparable information based on a consumer’s quote for various financial products. The consumer can then decide on which product is the best for their needs and their budget, ultimately aiming to help them save money. Comparison Creator works with household-names such as MoneySuperMarket, Compare the Market, GoCompare, Confused and Uswitch. It works with a range of businesses across many sectors, and creates online question sets and comparison engines that support both single product comparisons and tailor-made comparison websites. Comparison Creator remains committed to ensuring that its comparison solutions offer consumers a whole-of- market product comparison, guaranteeing consumers can truly compare all the relevant products on offer to them and make an informed choice. Understanding the markets that it operates in is crucial for Comparison Creator, and having its own Insurance comparison websites must be built to withstand a huge amount of online traffic and a large amount of data which the consumer can use to compare products. At the heart of all comparison websites is innovation and precision and that is the reason Comparison Creator has been awarded the UK Digital Innovator Award 2020 in this year’s FinTech Awards from Wealth & Finance International magazine. Here we discover more about the company and what it does to help its clients. UK Digital Innovator Award 2020 bespoke software enables it to provide a superb user experience. Each website is built to current best practice guidelines by the Financial Conduct Authority and the company also continuously innovates to make its offering the best in the market. Comparison Creator is a white label comparison expert. It develops the back-end comparison and data collection process, while its clients brand the Comparison Creator engine in line with its own company website, creating a seamless experience for the customer. Comparison Creator has also created its own brand in Protect Your Family, allowing clients to introduce more products and services in a simple, low-cost manner. It also provides customers with a data dashboard - a one-stop sales and data interface that allows customers to optimise their marketing and report sales in real time. The needs of the client is always at the core of what Comparison Creator does. Its dedicated team spends a considerable amount of time understanding customer objectives, as well as their end consumers. Comparison Creator Limited May20089 It has taken time and energy, but the company has now become the partner of choice among the major comparison websites. It is independent and is committed to bring more products to the comparison world, including motor warranty, gadget and wedding insurance. Recently, all comparison tables now include a Defaqto star rating – which is a respected independent financial review business - rating the quality and features of a financial product with star ratings. Combining its twenty-year experience in the comparison technology market with fifty years of expertise in insurance has worked well for Comparison Creator, creating a unique business which provides exceptional products and services to some of the UK’s best-known comparison websites. The team are a key part of the success of Comparison Creator. Each one of the experienced and exceptional team know they are part of a business that is focused on one goal - providing first-class service in insurance panels and comparison websites. The future is bright for Comparison Creator as it looks to expand into new technologies and products, grow its international presence and further expand its team to ensure it is at the top of the comparison game for years to come. Most people don’t know the inner workings of the comparison sites that have become household names, but Comparison Creator is a key component in the success of those websites, bolstering the ability for consumers to compare and contrast multiple insurance products at one time and putting the control in consumers’ hands. Company: Comparison Creator Limited Contact: CEO Founder Steve Jones Website: