FinTech Awards 2020

Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Powered by Wisdom in Crowds artificial intelligence, PYNK is a wealth management app with a zero percent fee. Despite not being an easy thing to achieve, PYNK has done it thanks to its unique model; a symbiotic financial system between retail investors and financial institutions. Users of PYNK contribute financial predictions and forecasts via a gamified app, before the artificial intelligence ‘Rose’ then analyses those user predictions in a bid to understand and predict future market prices. If the prediction data, artificial intelligence, and investment committee are in agreement, then the investment portfolio for users is adjusted accordingly. In turn, this drives a portfolio to return upwards of fifteen percent, and benefit everyone involved with using PYNK. The artificial intelligence behind PYNK is called Wisdom of Crowds, and it works in a communal manner. Perhaps the easiest way to explain this artificial intelligence system works is to consider that each person in any given Crowd has a piece of the puzzle, but no-one has the complete picture. By aggregating and averaging all of the puzzle pieces together and running statistical analysis, the artificial intelligence can arrange the pieces in such a way as to complete the picture. Similarly, Wisdom of Crowds for PYNK aggregates biased and imperfect information (user predictions on financial markets) to create unbiased and perfect information; the finished picture. Regardless of race, religion, or wealth, PYNK has been innovated, developed, and built to be the world’s single most inclusive investment platform. Not only is the platform financially inclusive of everyone, regardless of wealth history, but it is also the platform where socially conscious investors can help shape a better future for everyone. Operating in such a constantly evolving market, there is a need for PYNK to stay ahead of the curve and offer cutting-edge developments in one of the most modern industries. It does this by allowing users to earn a share of the profits in return for helping PYNK’s shareholders make better investment decisions. Essentially, PYNK is the first investment community that is built by the people, for the people. In an industry that is constantly moving, evolving, and growing, standing apart from the competition is vital for PYNK. Financial technologies capitalise on what is new and exciting, before making it Financial technology is one of the most rapidly evolving industries in the world, with a wide variety of firms, services, and platforms offering institutions and individuals alike the chance to manage their finances better than ever before. PYNK is the latest in a long line of financial innovators, offering something vibrant and exciting within the sector of wealth management. To find out more, we profile the firm and uncover technological brilliance. Global Innovation Award for Inclusive Investments accessible to some of the most familiar names in finance across the world. PYNK differentiates itself from the wealth of other financial technology firms with its unique technology and business model coming together to result in a new category of social investing, enabling people to work, learn, and earn together. PYNK provides an alternative, where people can participate in wealth management without the overbearing responsibility of being correct. As with any financial technology firm, the plan for PYNK is to become a household name that is as familiar as some of the world’s leading banks. More than becoming popular however, PYNK is wholly focused on truly making an impact on financial Pynk Jun20436 discrimination around the world, be it racial, gender-specific, or wealth-based. Everyone should have the equal opportunity to effect change, and PYNK is enabling people all over the world to make a difference. Company: Pynk Contact: Rupert Barksfield Website: