FinTech Awards 2020 22 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 Serving as a gateway, SEC allows customers to adopt a comprehensive range of the latest energy innovations from CLP. Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) have the potential of making energy smarter, greener and more sustainable. The solutions on offer at SEC are designed for the needs of customers who need smarter ways to manage energy in their premises, from workspaces, buildings to entire campuses. By implementing a data-driven approach, SEC is able to maximise energy efficiency for users and help customers achieve their sustainability goals. With a growing portfolio of well-designed, proven and cost-effective digital energy technologies, SEC adopts an integrated approach to ensure solutions are tailored to the specific needs of different customers. Demand for energy management technologies is growing, as businesses and organisations need new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity and make operations more sustainable. The energy industry is being transformed by decarbonisation and digitalisation, driving the accelerated development of innovative products and services including usage analytics and forecasting, distributed energy systems, microgrids and storage, empowered by digital technologies such as machine learning and IoT. The launch of SEC is a prime example of business digitalisation that is enabling CLP to support customers in the ongoing energy transition. Backed by CLP’s deep energy domain expertise, SEC is continuing to design, build and deploy a growing range of solutions In 2019, CLP launched Smart Energy Connect (SEC), a digital solutions platform designed to offer businesses and organisations easy access to a diverse selection of energy management applications powered by digital technologies. Earlier this year, SEC was recognised in the FinTech Awards as the Most Innovative Energy Solutions Platform – Asia. We took a closer look at the award-winning platform to discover more about its meteoric rise to success. Most Innovative Energy Solutions Platform (Asia): SEC to meet customer needs, with a scalable, cloud-based digital energy platform to manage IoT solutions. “SEC is an innovative business model designed to meet the needs of an energy market that is rapidly evolving because of decarbonisation and digitalisation,” said Pubs Abayasiri, Associate Director at CLP Innovation. “Since we started, we have made enormous progress in delivering new tools and insights to help customers manage their energy use, making their operations more productive, efficient and sustainable. This is a great opportunity for CLP to combine our growing digital capabilities and our core energy market expertise to serve our customers in the region.” CLP Smart Energy Connect Jun20050 Company: CLP Innovation Enterprises Limited Contact: Charlotte Tse Address: Unit 605-606, 6th Floor, Building 12W Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, Shatin, Hong Kong Telephone: 852-2596 4208 Web Address: