Fund Awards 2022 18 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards Golden Axe Fund Sales’ focus is on the goals and objectives of family financial planning, providing one-stop services including financial analysis, protection planning, investment advisory, fund management, as well as comprehensive and cross-cycle wealth management solutions with balanced risks and returns. Its services also cover convenient product search and price comparisons accessible from mobile, PC, and WeChat, offering fund net worth query, family wealth accounting, insurance advisory, wealth planning, and more. Ultimately, it strives to help families realise wealth preservation, appreciation, and inheritance. When dealing with customers, its team are sure to provide the most comprehensive experience. Through technological means and professional knowledge and expertise, they objectively, systematically, timely, and accurately help Established in 2012, Golden Axe Fund Sales Co Ltd (otherwise known as JFZ Group) is committed to becoming China’s leading research and technology-driven family asset allocation service platform. It built its Family Financial Cloud Platform based on mature investment research, risk control, products management, post-investment, integrating fund managers, insurance planners, and scientific and technological service systems. customers to do financial planning. As a result, the experts can find and provide the best solutions. Its most prominent product and greatest achievement to date is its Mercury Insurance, a sub brand of Golden Axe, which is a leading asset allocation service platform in China. As an independent licensed internet insurance service platform, Mercury Insurance has a team of professional security planners, and based on the whole market, it strictly selects high-quality product databases. Through its ALC full life cycle family security intelligent planning system, Mercury Insurance is committed to providing customers with convenient insurance AI evaluation, insurance decisionmaking consultation, and one-stop intelligent insurance planning services for policy custody. Currently, Golden Axe’s cumulative asset under management has exceeded RMB50 billion, providing professional, independent, real-time, FinTech Company of the Year - China Sep22548 and highly efficient one-stop wealth management services for more than 1 billion middle-class and high-net-worth families. Golden Axe continues to seize the opportunity to “reconstruct” the value of the asset allocation industry, and is determined to build a nationally leading research and technology-driven full-lifecycle asset allocation service platform. Company: Shenzhen Jin Fu Zi Network Technology Co., Ltd Contact: 0086 400-9302-888 Email: [email protected] Website: