Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 13 APR2w2 The power of data is something which has become increasingly apparent to many businesses, with even the smallest detail able to offer insight into how people think. While this offers an enormous amount of potential, it also means that people need to be careful in how they handle this data. A leak could have upsetting consequences. The introduction of GDPR measures has reduced the risk considerably, but has created new challenges in terms of implementation – these challenges are ones the team at CVG Solutions are uniquely qualified to earn! When Cristina Vannini-Goodchild founded CVG Solutions, she wanted to support smaller businesses through the often-complex process of implementing GDPR. Larger organisations could do this with ease, but smaller operations might struggle to get it right – and they couldn’t afford to get it wrong! Cristina’s knowledge of GDPR, and how best to implement it within a business comes after over 25 years’ experience working for international corporations as an expert in data processing and risk management. Her previous appointments include working in senior positions at HP, General Motors, the British Standards Institution (BSi) and Serco as Head of Data Governance. The often-bitter pill of altering every process to be GDPR-compliant can be sweetened by the practical solutions advocated by the CVG Solutions team. The work that the team do removes the complexity of the situation, being perfectly adapted to suit the needs of each individual client. The benefits of GDPR are clear to anyone, providing an outside assurance that your information is in safe hands. This builds trust with clients, as well as earning more contracts as a result of having this guarantee. Becoming compliant as a business can be achieved relatively quickly, with many who use a CVG Solutions’ program managing compliance within three GDPR is a daunting prospect for many, involving a transformation to how businesses handle an incredible amount of data. No one knows this better than Cristina Vannini-Goodchild, founder of CVG Solutions. We caught up with her to uncover some of the reasons behind her remarkable success! months. The CVG Solutions team deliver the programme themselves, leaving their clients to run their businesses. In such a new field, it can be difficult to find the right people to support you to make a real difference. GDPR, in particular, requires a specialist approach which the CVG Solutions team are more than able to offer. Their retainer services, for example, provides the hours that their clients need throughout the year whenever they need them most. Able to support with all areas of data protection and compliance, it’s little Leading GDPR & Data Advisory Specialists 2022 - Lincolnshire Jul22533 wonder that the team have been able to achieve such success. The digital world makes data the most important tool to business, but it’s essential to give data the respect it deserves. We celebrate the success of the team at CVG Solutions in Wealth and Finance International’s Management Consulting Awards 2022 and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: CVG Solutions Name: Cristina Vannini-Goodchild Email: [email protected]