Management Consulting Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Management Consulting Awards 19 APR2w2 Bestselling author, media expert, and frequent conference speaker Richard Weylman is the leading force behind Richard Weylman Inc. While its primary focus is financial services, it far from limits itself. From working with an NFL team to elevate its fan experience – which moved them up -from 17th to 10th in NFL revenue in one year – to businesses operating in the automotive, real estate, luxury, and fastcasual restaurant space, there is no end to the companies that Weylman helps. The dual-pronged organisation works to platform the revolutionary ideas and business advice of Richard Weylman himself. But, beyond that, it also provides seasoned consultants, and the strategies and prescriptive tactics to put them into practice. Its two divisions work together to support his speaking and presentation opportunities whilst also helping organisations to implement his messaging and advice. For example, the Weylman Consulting Group has a team of certified coaches and consultants that work with leadership teams and advisors for hundreds of firms. The teams within this group assist with branding, positioning, recruiting, client acquisition and elevating the client experience. Concurrently, the Weylman Center for Excellence in Practice Management encompasses Richard’s online education and support platform. Here Richard and his team provide step-by-step advice on better crafting marketing, recruiting, and client acquisition solutions, as well as elevating a client’s experience. The platform is available via individual membership or firm-wide licensing, and more than 7,000 advisors utilise this platform each month. Beyond the platform, Richard’s teachings are conveyed through his books and consulting. . He takes great care to provide well researched and tangible step-by-step guidance on how to build a business in highly competitive markets, as well as leadership skills to attract, develop and retain key talent. To drive success and profitability, proven strategies and tangible advice is a blessing Richard Weylman Inc is more than happy to provide. Driven by its real-time market research, its clients are given strategies, actionable tactics, and outright support to succeed in the elevation of its client’s business performance, no matter where they are in the world or what market they operate within. As Richard presents at locations across the globe, the consulting work follows him. Weylman has clients of varying sizes and services across Australia, the Middle East, Asia, and India. Both divisions’ content and practice are based on realtime research of what consumers want from their financial providers. The promise of Richard’s work is the knowledge of how to turn customers from being ‘satisfied’ to ‘delighted’. So, a large portion of his work is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs – and more established businesspeople – how to capture customers’ attention and retain them by building relationships and delivering an elevated experience at every touchpoint Overall, he and his firm’s core ethos are to elevate business performance and drive higher profitability for clients. It works hard to maintain its library of practical, real-world work that delivers strategic clarity and, most notably, steps by step implementation support. Its unique ongoing proprietary research, and Richard’s involvement in research, help it to spot early shifts in the marketplace. However, as an organisation, it relies on the consumer to define what they want above all else, instead of those who “think” they know what they want. Richard Weylman Inc demonstrates this organisationally by personalising all its communications, crafting every keynote message and workshop specific to each client’s needs and desired outcomes. In its consulting and coaching work, it elevates its client’s experience by providing offline off-schedule access via phone and email to the coaches and consultants assigned to the project. As such, Richard’s keynote messaging is constantly updated to deliver real-time strategies and tactics based on consumers’ expectations. This flexibility, and focus on meeting comsumers’ needs, brings a critical yet positive shift to his Keynote Presentations Specialist of the Year (USA): C Richard Weylman Aug22241 clients, regardless of industry or scope. All of which are covered in Richard’s extensive writings including his latest international best seller The Power of Why- Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace. The advice and methods that Richard Weylman Inc provides are always practical, up-to-date, and relevant. The tangible nature of what Richard suggests helps clients get ahead of the curve and deliver what consumers want. That is precisely why Richard Weylman is the USA’s Keynote Presentations Specialist of the Year. Contact: C. Richard Weylman Company: Richard Weylman Inc Web Address: and