Cash Flow
How To Improve Your Business’ Cash Flow Through Invoice Factoring
Managing business cash flow can be difficult. It involves more than looking at profits and losses. It’s also about looking
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FinTech Payments
Emerging Markets Lead in Adoption of Latest Fintech Payment Solutions
While the changes in the Fintech Payments industry, brought on by the pandemic, were seen across all markets, Fast-growing and
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Money transfer globally
Five Things You Need to Know Before Sending Money Abroad
With money transfer apps becoming the new norm, it is now easier than ever to send money to family and
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Start Up Loans Set to Unlock the Potential of Young Entrepreneurs Following the Pandemic
Start Up Loans, part of the British Business Bank, today sets out its commitment to unlock the talent of thousands
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Online banking business
The Co-operative Bank Achieves Growth Targets & Launches Value Add Services For SME Customers
Two years on from its successful £15m award of funding from the Capability and Innovation Fund, The Co-operative Bank has
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Banking Fraud
Online Banking Fraud Victims Lost Over £160 Million in 2020-21
For many of us, online banking and credit/debit cards are an essential part of our everyday lives as they allow
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UK Budget
Budget’s ‘Super-deduction’ Capital Allowance Offers Logistics Sector A Golden Opportunity
Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget announcement of a capital allowance ‘super-deduction’ could be a game-changer for many warehouse owners and operators.
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How to start your investment journey and increase your income
There is never a “perfect time” to begin investing. While diversifying your assets may be the last thing on your
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Helicopter money
The Economic Crisis, The Role of Central Banks & Whether Helicopter Money Can Save The Day
The world’s central banks (US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank) play a
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Alternative Investments
Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Investments
Every few years the line between traditional and alternative investment opinions is re-drawn, as many alternative investment options become more
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Expand business
Looking for the Right U.S. City for Your U.K. Business Expansion? Here’s What You Need to Know
We are used to reading about U.S. businesses expanding to Europe. We often overlook the growing trend of E.U. based
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The True Impact of Credit On Your Everyday Life
There’s a common misconception that credit doesn’t matter until you’re applying for a mortgage, credit card, or personal loan. Truthfully,
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