How to start your investment journey and increase your income
There is never a “perfect time” to begin investing. While diversifying your assets may be the last thing on your
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Helicopter money
The Economic Crisis, The Role of Central Banks & Whether Helicopter Money Can Save The Day
The world’s central banks (US Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank) play a
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Alternative Investments
Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Investments
Every few years the line between traditional and alternative investment opinions is re-drawn, as many alternative investment options become more
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Expand business
Looking for the Right U.S. City for Your U.K. Business Expansion? Here’s What You Need to Know
We are used to reading about U.S. businesses expanding to Europe. We often overlook the growing trend of E.U. based
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The True Impact of Credit On Your Everyday Life
There’s a common misconception that credit doesn’t matter until you’re applying for a mortgage, credit card, or personal loan. Truthfully,
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Money transfer
Top 10 International Money Transfer Companies You Need to Know
The relevance of international money transfer companies is growing fast. It’s because slow and expensive bank wire transfers are a
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Saving money
Simple Ways to Save Money That Often Go Overlooked
One of the most fundamental concepts of generating wealth is knowing how to save money. When you master the art
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Female Investor
Here Is What Your Company Can Do to Attract More Women Investors
Women make up about 50% of the population while controlling only 30% of the wealth. This is the worldwide statistic
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Afghanistan Currency
Securing Stability & Success in Afghanistan’s Economy
As the largest commercial bank in Afghanistan, it may have also proven difficult for Azizi Bank to simultaneously ascertain the
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Woman credit card
How to Build Credit the Right Way
People say that money makes the world go round, but the truth is that good credit provides you with the
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female investor stock market
Women Investors in Loans Rose by 43% in Europe in 2020
Mintos, the largest marketplace for investing in loans in Europe, saw a stable increase among women investors in the EU,
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Small business loan form .
‘Normal’ Bank Lending to SMEs Down 10% Last Year As Banks Focus On CBLIS & BBLS Loan
The outstanding value of non-emergency lending by banks to SMEs has dropped by 10% from £168bn in December 2019 to
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