Our Previous Winners: Ethical Finance Awards (2023)

Wealth & Finance International are excited to announce that the Ethical Finance Awards will be returning for the second time in 2023! We launched this programme to shine a light on the key players in the Finance industry who are committed to excellence not only in their day-to-day business practices, but also in ensuring that those practices are ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Ethical Finance has been growing in popularity over recent years, as the public are now demanding more from their banks and financial providers than simply a good service. Today’s consumers are more conscious of social and environmental factors when making purchasing decisions, often prioritising the values of a company when choosing where to invest their money. This is reflected in a recent study by banking platform Mambu, which reported that over two-thirds of respondents want financial institutions to become greener in the future, and that almost half would consider switching providers if an alternative had a stronger commitment to sustainability. While Ethical Finance is still a relatively small industry, the sector continues to gather momentum as each year greener funds are launched and the number of banks with explicit ethical policies increases. This spike in market growth follows internationally recognised initiatives such as the 2015 Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which were both introduced to motivate countries to support ethical investment and sustainable finance schemes. Shifting to a more ethically driven Finance industry will not only benefit the planet but could also lead to huge economic advancement and create millions of new jobs, according to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Wealth & Finance International will strive to make the Ethical Finance Awards 2023 the pre-eminent guide to the banks, investment firms, mortgage brokers, insurers, pensions providers, and more that have adopted ethical practices across their business. Our website and digital magazine are fantastic platforms for those leading providers operating in this niche market to promote their products and services to an international audience of industry peers and potential clients. All our eventual winners are determined via a thorough process of research and shortlisting, completed by our unbiased team of expert judges that we employ internally. The criteria with which we assess our nominees is purely merit-based, ensuring that those successful in the programme are selected due to performance, customer service, and innovation within their field rather than external factors like the number of votes. Winning firms and individuals will be presented with a variety of free and commercial advertising packages to choose from, each designed to maximise the promotional gains from the award. Should you wish to take part in the Ethical Finance Awards 2023, please don’t hesitate to nominate yourself or a deserving business you know for consideration this year!



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