Travel Finance

Since vaccines are becoming more widespread, the pandemic seems to be winding down, making it safe to travel again for many people. 2022 might see a spike in trips because of the quarantine that seems to have lasted nearly two years.

As you gear up for the final quarter of 2021, you may be planning out your travels for the following year. If anything seems too overwhelming for your budget, but your heart is set on the trip you had planned, consider these five options to help you afford the vacation of your dreams.


1. Point Rewards

By using a specific airline, hotel chain or car company, you may acquire points with these companies. If you like a certain business, sign up to be a rewards or loyalty member so you don’t let your travels go to waste. Every time you hop in a plane or drive a rental car, you could be earning cents and dollars for your next travel destination.

If you’re flying a long way, these points can add up quickly. While points won’t cover every aspect of your trip, they may reward you with discounts that can take a chunk off of your bill.


2. Make a Budget

Without a stable plan, you might have to dip into your savings more than you would like. While many people use their savings to travel the world, you could choose to save up money to use for your travels instead.

Whatever the case, budgeting always saves you money. You can expect to spend less by planning out your adventure. Simply winging your journey may eat into your savings. An excellent way to help you plan your budget is to exchange the money you want for the currency of your desired destination before you get there. That way, you have a limited amount of money to work with and won’t be tempted to overspend.


3. Become a Travel Writer

Why not get paid to see the world? Travel writers are often freelancers or have their own blogs, so plenty of the responsibility to work is still on your shoulders. The average travel writer makes around $59,000 a year, so if you want to make money out of your travels and don’t mind working when you’re not out seeing the sights, it’s an excellent field to go into.


4. Opt for Housesitting Jobs

In exchange for watching someone’s belongings or taking care of their animals, you could potentially stay in someone’s home for free while they’re away on vacation. While you can’t count on housesitting as a surefire way to eliminate all of your expenses — after all, you still need to buy groceries — you can think of it as a way to lower your costs, particularly on housing. Pairing housesitting with the following suggestion is a great way to earn money while abroad.


5. Stay for the Long Term

If you don’t mind staying in one place for months at a time, think of taking on contract jobs around the world. Contract positions typically last months rather than years, so you won’t be rooted in the same place forever, but you’ll still have time to explore your chosen destination fully.

While contracting gives you the freedom to jump between jobs and receive more pay upfront, you have to remember to set some money aside for taxes and realize that you won’t receive the traditional healthcare benefits that a full-time job would offer you.


Make Your Trip Work for You

Everyone expects something different out of their travels. Whether you explore the big cities or get lost in the wilderness, you want to have a fun time. You can’t say that you’re having a great time when financial worries bog you down. Doing whatever you can to remain within budget and potentially take a chunk out of your expenses can help you enjoy your travels abroad for longer.