27th January 2016

CEO of the Month

Atlantic Subsea is a premier marine infrastructure firm

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CEO of the Month

Mr. Vinod Menezes has led Atlantic Subsea with a steady hand at the helm for over 20 years. As the CEO, Mr. Menezes has maximized growth year after year, while maintaining exceptional value to clients. He has been instrumental in providing critical tools to key managers to build great teams within the company.

The company’s success is a well balanced symphony of many parts. Long term relationships built through the years on trust, values and ethics have been key. The company has earned a reputation premium by rendering consistent delivery of honest and quality services to clients, while expecting the same from suppliers.

The company serves a variety of markets ranging from defense, which relies on governmental spending to energy and ports. As some components of the revenue stream are driven by public equity market whims, there is a sense of self hedging between governmental spending and the market environment. Hence at any given time, opportunities for growth are very prevalent. 

Atlantic Subsea is currently in its 23rd year of business. Even though the company has matured, delivering constant and consistent growth does generate its own set of  challenges. Success comes through synergies of corporate team members like key suppliers, bank executives, insurance and surety bond providers. It is critical that all key players are in equitable stride with the company to maintain the equilibrium. Mr. Menezes strives to maintain this balance.

Mr. Menezes emphasizes – “Just as the external corporate team is critical to the growth challenges, talent building and people management is the core of our beliefs. Caring and trusting people are paramount qualities to a value driven company like ours. Well being of our employees, their safety and future are interwoven with our success goals. Every aspect of or service is driven through the psyche of quality, honesty and a quest for improvement. Only when there is a strong consensus within our people of the corporate vision, then only we see an easier path to long term success”.

“Currently, the macroeconomic conditions in the US are favorable. The economy has improved and the market sentiment has been positive. Intermediate term GDP growth stability has been predicted through reliable economic predictors. This sentiment has triggered a positive disposition within the company management”.

Through a span of 2 decades, the company has weathered quite a few storms. It has overcome 3 cycles of economic downturn, only to maintain a steady growth through the years.

“If we manage to maintain a balance between all the key components of the business, we should be assured guaranteed success through the long term. There should be no compromise on rendering quality service and maintaining strong values”













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