Company: Defone Global Investments
Name: Jones Chiu
Email: [email protected]
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Address: Level 36, Gateway Tower 1 Macquarie Place Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: 61 2 80513030

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Based in Australia, Defone Global Investments Limited is a highly innovative investment firm who specialise in the trading of FOREX and precious metals to both retail and institutional investors.
We spoke to Jones Chiu at Defone Global, to find out more about their company and about their ambition of making their mark on the global investment space in 2016.

One of the most impressive aspects of Defone Global is their ‘Straight Through Processing Model’, which is used to avoid manipulation and provide stable execution. Through this strategy, they eliminate repeated quotes, and clients will be able to receive the most transparent quotes and operate with the lowest spread.

Furthermore, Defone Global is committed to ensure fund security of every client. As such, they work with global banks such as HSBC, Citibank and DBS, to ensure that client funds are segregated and secured. In terms of regulation, Defone Global is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) with an “Australian Financial Services License”. ASIC is an independent government institution that administers stringent regulations to companies, investments, products and services as ordained by law.

As a result of their wealth of expertise, Defone Global cater for a highly diverse range of clients, including retail, institutional and white label. Regardless of the class of client, Defone Global ensures that each and every one of them receives the very best possible service.

“Defone Global has always upheld our ‘client first’ motto, by providing clients with a fair, open, just and transparent trading environment,” says Chiu. “Clients will be able to review the strike price and execution time of each order via the firm’s back office. All transactions are guaranteed to be open and transparent, ensuring clients’ interests are not compromised. We also provide supplementary educational tools and resources, which further enhances our clients’ trading experience.

“Moreover, Defone Global has an in-house risk management department to ensure all trades are executed on a timely basis. We adopt the internationally acclaimed trading platform MetaTrader4 (MT4), and we also contract professional IT companies to provide 24-hour support for the trading platform, ensuring its security, stability and reliability. As such, Defone Global puts investors first via enhancing client experience with services such as providing live global market data, FOREX market analysis and FOREX trading strategies. All of these services combined form a strong support system for investors.”

Clients are at the heart of everything that Defone Global does, which is why they are fully aware of client and market demands, as well as the importance of maintaining a technical edge. The firm’s back office is an advanced backend support system developed by Defone Global exclusively for their clients. The functions of this personalised system are highly intuitive and value-adding, thus providing much more effective and convenient account management support.
Defone Global Investments
“The function behind this is so clients and partners we serve can view various real time information such as transactions and trade position, commission and rebate, deposit and withdrawal,” says Chiu. “What’s more, clients can also update their personal particulars, and can access this at any time or day.”

Additionally, Defone Global also provide the MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform on PC, iOS and Android system. More specifically, they also provide two professional features: a ‘Multiple Account Management System’ and ‘Copy Trading’.
“The Multiple Account Management System (MAM) features the integrated management function, allowing trade managers to manage multiple accounts with a single interface,” says Chiu. “It enables asset managers to assign trade parameters to multiple personal accounts with precision and efficiency. The same trade parameters and strategies may also be allocated to each individual account according to a pre-set ratio. The MAM assists you with trade management while also enhancing your management experience.

“As for Copy Trading, this enables traders to automatically copy positions opened and managed by a selected trader. Simply select a trader you trust, and the system will manage your account according to the trader’s advice.”
Defone Global is made up of professionals from the financial industry, including insurance, bank and securities firm, with years of experience and proven track record. They also embrace the industry’s core values, such as professionalism, loyalty, responsibility and practicality. The team will propel Defone Global into the next phase of growth. “Our key to success is the all-star team here; Defone Global is empowered to provide value-added and innovative services, thus achieving stable growth in the competitive and ever-changing financial landscape.”

2016 is the year which Defone Global commences their global expansion plan, where they endeavour to increase their reach to potential clients from various geographical locations. As Chiu explains: “A very important foundation for expanding the firm’s international footprint is to ensure that we subject ourselves to a comprehensive regulatory regime, adhere to stringent regulation and ensure strict compliance. We have achieved this through our registration with ASIC. The next step would be to operate under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID). This will give even more emphasis on fund security, which would further strengthen investor confidence.”
Based in Australia, Defone Global Investments Limited is a highly innovative investment firm who specialise in the trading of FOREX and precious metals to both retail and institutional investors.
We spoke to Jones Chiu at Defone Global, to find out more about their company and about their ambition of making their mark on the global investment space in 2016.

According to Chiu, Defone Global has competitive advantages that could potentially stir up a new wave of competition; “We have an innovative business model and multi-modular commission scheme, which we see ourselves as a pioneer. With our commitment to the STP model, Defone Global aims to become a major channel for the small-medium forex platform provider, futures providers and even banks, thus achieving high liquidity.”

More specifically, Defone Global have their eyes set on expanding in China, due to its ever-increasing influence in the global economy. “We understand that the Greater China region is a huge growing market, and it is playing an increasingly important role in the global financial market, which has seen foreign investments pouring in. As such, Defone Global will be entering into the Greater China market, as part of our strategic plan.

“Alongside this, Defone Global have been preparing for educational events and contesting for different awards in the financial industry, so that more Chinese investors can gain a better understanding of Defone Global. We will also be participating in the 14th Shanghai Money Fair (2-4 Dec 2016), this will mark our debut in the Greater China market.”

Greater China is a highly competitive environment, and FOREX trading is no exception. As Chiu explains: “Due to the rising of the Greater China market, many forex trading platforms have emerged. As a result of many major events that unfolded, only the fittest have survived. Hence, there is a need for sustainable development and providing a comprehensive suites of services, so as to provide innovating and value-adding services to investors, such as enhanced platform and customisable software, and tapping on rich international resources to provide a comprehensive financial management solution for clients, coupled with providing sound advice and tailor-made investment plans. This will provide an even more value-added solution.”

Although Chiu is optimistic about their investments, he is still cautious considering the unpredictability that surrounds the financial markets at present. “2016 is a year of uncertainty, be it real estate or the stock market,” says Chiu. “With this uncertainty, investors have remained cautious by allowing funds to idle.

However, the forex market has outshone the industry. As an international platform provider, we are exploring how we can market Defone Global’s professional and quality platform, as well as improving our service delivery to retail, institutional and white label clients. By providing small-medium platform providers liquidity and system, only then can Defone Global become a market innovator. After the financial crisis, black swan events have become more frequent, causing big and small financial service platform providers to crash. It is therefore essential to find a solution to survive and outlast such events.

“In the current climate, the STP model has overtaken the Market Maker model, and coupled with mature risk management, service providers will be able to withstand a black swan event, and providing an innovative and sustainable model.
“Despite the many hurdles Defone Global Investments will need to overcome in order to achieve success, we are confident that we are well equipped to meet the challenges and continue to innovate and develop our services.”