17th July 2015

Factor Advisors Launch New EFTs

The firm, in conjunction with their partners PureFunds and ISE ETF Ventures have launched the exchange traded funds, offering their investors exposure to invigorated tech markets.

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Factor Advisors Launch New EFTs

Factor Advisors, a subsidiary of the ETF Managers Group, has debuted the PureFunds ISE Mobile Payments EFT and the PureFunds ISE Big Data EFT.

Both EFTS began trading on the NYSE Arca on 16th July. The new funds come less than nine months after the successful launch of PureFunds ISE Cyber Security EFT, adding to the growing family of specialty tech ETFs from the PureFunds, Factor Advisors, and ISE ETF Ventures consortium. Andrew Chanin, CEO of PureFunds, was keen to highlight the benefits these new EFTs add to the firm’s growing portfolio.

‘These new ETFs will offer investors an opportunity for exposure to two industries shaping the future of technology. These two technology sectors are transforming traditional commerce and data management, and their solutions are bringing exciting changes to everything from how we pay for a cup of coffee to how we access and interpret vital information.’

The new ETFs will seek to correspond generally to the price and yield performance of the ISE Mobile Payments Index, which tracks companies at the forefront of the mobile, electronic, and digital payments industry. The index will work in partnership with the new funds.

Kris Monaco, Head of ISE ETF Ventures defined the funds and highlighted how vital they are for investors.
‘By creating indexes to track companies in the mobile payments and big data segments, we are defining and quantifying these industries into original investment themes. Similar to our creation of the first cyber security index, these are emerging sectors within technology that warrant the visibility and investment opportunity made possible through a standalone index.’

Sam Masucci, founder and CEO of ETF Managers Group, said of the partnership:
‘We are pleased to continue working with PureFunds and ISE ETF Ventures to deliver two more compelling ETFs. We believe that the ability to broadly access these market segments through an ETF is an excellent way to position a portfolio for potential future growth in these specialty tech sectors.’

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