Wise Investment, founded in 1992, is an independent investment company based in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. We got in touch with John Newton at Wise to find out more about the company and to hear his thoughts on winning this award.

Wise Investment has two complementary businesses. One advises private clients on investment and wealth management. The other manages investment funds through an OEIC. The funds business is run by two teams. The Evenlode team manages Evenlode Income, and is working on a new Evenlode global fund which is due to be launched next year. The Wise Funds, TB Wise Investment & TB Wise Income, are managed by Tony Yarrow, who heads up the Wise funds team. The Wise OEIC has funds under management of around £900m.

The Wise funds are marketed by John Newton, working in the Wise Funds team.

The fund that has won the award is TB Wise Income.

TB Wise Income has three aims:
– to provide investors with an attractive starting dividend yield, currently 5.6% net,
– to increase the income by the rate of inflation or better,
– and to grow the capital value of the fund at the rate of inflation
  or better.

Over a long period of time, we believe that the best way to provide a growing income for investors is by holding a carefully-selected portfolio of shares in medium-sized and smaller companies, and to complement this portfolio with a diverse range of higher-yielding, lower-volatility assets, including fixed interest, commercial property, cash and alternatives.

We alter the proportions we hold in the different asset classes according to where we see the best value, and the most robust income streams. Our process is focused around the production of reliable income, and we are proud of the fact that investors who joined the fund at launch, a little over ten years ago, have received over half their starting capital in income payments over that period, as well as making capital gains.

TB Wise Income invests ethically, and we are exploring the possibility of having it accredited as an ethical fund.

Investment markets have been challenging during TB Wise Income’s first decade, and we have risen to the challenges we have been presented with. Our aim as we go forward is to continue offering our investors an attractive, reliable and growing income in all market conditions, using the wide range of asset types that are available through our mandate.