The total high speed camera market is expected to reach $274.46 Million by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate of 5.39%, according to a new market research report.

A high speed camera is a device used for capturing slow motion events with frame rates ranging from zero frames per second to a number of millions of frames per second, with resolutions ranging from 1 mega pixel to a number of mega pixels.

The overall value chain of high speed camera market is closely interlinked with the traditional image sensors and components industry’s value chain, and has been expanding rapidly and shaping into a strong, well-connected chain over the past few years. Several new frame rates allocations, product developments, and new models have come up owing to the application potential of high speed cameras in various applications.

The global high speed camera market is a fragmented one, finding uses in industrial manufacturing, research and design, military, defence and aerospace and entertainment and media. The industrial manufacturing field offers a huge potential for the high speed camera technology to grow, especially due to advanced & suitable features offered by the high speed camera over the other technologies.

Research and Design is the primary field responsible for the commercial birth of high speed camera technology on a large scale, while the entertainment and media field is still an emerging market offering lots of space for high speed camera technology to penetrate.

Some of the major players in the high speed camera market include vision research, Inc., Photron LTD, Olympus Corporation and Mikrotron GmbH.