14th February 2023

How to Choose a Cost-Effective Parking Management System

The development of parking technology has resulted in the widespread use of parking management systems (PMS) by both parking lot owners and customers. Nowadays, running a parking garage or lot with a PMS is possible.

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How to Choose a Cost-Effective Parking Management System

The development of parking technology has resulted in the widespread use of parking management systems (PMS) by both parking lot owners and customers. Nowadays, running a parking garage or lot with a PMS is possible. It facilitates controlling the flow of cars in a parking space. Having access to many parking options is only one of the many benefits of a well-managed parking lot.

Why is a PMS necessary?

Parking management often addresses at least one of the following issues:

In addition to standard garages and parking meters, it provides:

  • valet service
  • real-time monitoring
  • multi-day parking
  • payment systems

It significantly enhances the customer parking experience as it’s a ticketless system and works with automatic vehicle identification.

Raising income by automated law enforcement using LPR gadgets, plate readers, and networked surveillance cameras in parking lots.

Automatic enforcement with license plate recognition systems thanks to ALPR / ALPN cameras

  • license plate scanning
  • surveillance of parking lots with networked cameras

Lowering parking utilization: uninsured or unreported parking, parking meters, and valet parking.

Improving operational efficiency through reporting operational data inside a dashboard system

  • tracking maintenance and repair operations
  • monitoring staff clock-ins

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, like parking software, unifies and streamlines the company’s most essential operations. It’s an all-in-one solution for managing:

  • Finances
  • Employees
  • Inventory
  • Shipments
  • Purchases

The functioning of parking facilities is managed by a parking management system comprising both hardware and software.

How do PMS benefit your organization?

Hotels and real estate aren’t the only sectors that benefit from parking management solutions. It’s easy to be used by any firm that conducts consumer interactions remotely. Its advantages aren’t confined to customers alone.

A PMS is necessary if your employees complain about parking places or are frequently tardy because of parking concerns. It assists employees in finding parking spaces and reduces the possibility of their vehicles being stolen or vandalized.

The following are additional advantages of adopting a PMS:

Optimizes space

A parking spot is a scarce resource. Consequently, using a system provides a more comprehensive view of the facility and helps management route motorists to avail reserve company parking slots more effectively.

Simple to use

Managing traffic flow into, within, and out of the parking area becomes considerably easy with the methodical operation. In addition, these systems require zero maintenance, and the employee training expense remains low.

Only permitted access

With these systems in place, you are assured that no unauthorized individuals get access to automobiles. This reduces the likelihood of vehicles being stolen or destroyed.

Using PMS offers various advantages. Now that you know some of them, let’s examine their multiple types.

How to choose an appropriate PMS?

Consider the organization’s needs, the available money, and the system’s expected lifespan when deciding on the best PMS. Any given PMS’s usefulness is directly proportional to its features. Among the capabilities that offers are the following:

AccessibilityAccessibility spatial perceptionStrengthen securityImprove security cost managementRequired updates and customizations determine the cost of the systems. The price of PMS varies with

The number of usersThe database sizeThe complexity of the necessary setupsThe number of records and parking spots

Advantages of PMS

Software for parking management is an enterprise-wide solution that provides efficient administration of parking operations. Nine advantages of PMS are listed below.

Helps parking lot operators

It enables operators of parking facilities to:

  • Regulate unregistered automobiles
  • Plan parking spaces
  • Information distribution to drivers
  • Create personalized reports
  • Manage parking facility operations

The system’s built-in analytics provide more precise occupancy predictions for business owners and managers. This reduces expenses by making better use of parking space.

Parking space updates in real-time

The device gives parking space updates in real-time. It increases income by enabling operators to anticipate occupancy patterns and parking management problems.

Automated notifications

The number of clients eager to visit the parking lot is proportional to the number of available parking places. The PMS notifies drivers of the location of public parking spaces via automated notifications. This increases the likelihood of consumers visiting the parking lot. This also helps revenue growth.

In-depth study of each parking lotThe system gives an in-depth study of each parking lot’s operating state. This aids operators in identifying cost-cutting and investment opportunities. For instance, the system identifies parking configurations that maximize parking capacity. In addition, it gives real-time information on the number of automobile parkers per parking space.

Increase operational efficiency

By evaluating and monitoring parking lot operations, PMS helps customers to increase operational efficiency. They provide personalized reports that assist operators in allocating available parking spaces following their specific business needs. The program produces information on the current usage of parking spaces, the movement of vehicle parkers, and the income earned.

Increases parking spot use efficiency

PMS boosts an organization’s parking spot use efficiency and income creation. The real-time car and parking lot occupancy data generate individualized parking management reports and business insights.

Reduce the number of illegally parked vehicles

PMS tracks the number of hours a car has been parked at a given spot. This is a significant decrease in the number of automobiles parking quickly to avoid receiving traffic citations.

Enforcing traffic restrictions

The system monitors and logs vehicle movements to detect and issue automatic citations to drivers who break traffic regulations.

The prospective development of PMS

People find automated parking management systems more convenient as the usage of intelligent technologies and mobile applications rises. These technologies are accessible from anywhere and on any device. They assist parking administrators in reducing traffic congestion, minimizing waste and enabling them to increase income.

The parking lot industry is unusual because no company provides all the required services and goods. The market needs to be more cohesive. Currently, clients only obtain some relevant information regarding parking lots through municipal websites, Google, and external websites.

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