The Institute’s three and six-month Global Trader Mentoring Programmes are open to all Retail Traders globally, and include full trader coaching on a weekly basis with Institute Senior Mentors Raj Malhotra (New York) and Jason Mcdonald (London). Weekly coaching is done on a remote basis after the initial 10-day period of the Mentoring Programme which is held in the Turks and Caicos in July 2015.

During this initial 10-day period, Institute mentees will be expected to complete a hands-on programme directly with Raj Malhotra, Jason Mcdonald, Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil and their Mentoring Programme peers. After the initial period of 10 days in Turks and Caicos, Institute mentees return to their home countries and the remainder of the three or six-month Mentoring Programmes are spent trading with real money in a live Trading Account and communicating with Raj and Jason directly, via screen sharing and Skype calls.

Traders also have the opportunity to trade as part of a remote trading desk as a team which is backed with real Institute capital and overseen by Institute Managing Partner Anton Kreil.