6th July 2016

Real Estate Fund Manager of the Month – Luxembourg

Advanced Capital Group’s reputation as a financial innovator extends back to 2000 with the set-up of its first Private Equity Fund of Funds. With a keen focus on time critical high-growth opportunities, Advanced Capital Group has approximately $1 billion in assets under management.

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Real Estate Fund Manager of the Month – Luxembourg

Advanced Capital Group manages four generalist Private Equity Fund of Funds: ACI, ACII, ACIII and ACIV, and additionally manages funds in the Opportunistic Real Estate and Traditional Energy sectors. This increasingly global portfolio of investments reflects the firm’s intention and ability to take advantage of investment opportunities worldwide.

“Advanced Capital is an investment firm that strives to serve its investors by prudently guiding part of their capital towards areas and sectors which, by and large, are not yet in the mainstream of an investor’s attention. Fundamentally, it’s why we are unique” writes Robert Tomei Chairman of Advanced Capital Group on the company’s website.

“As global investors our professionals predominantly spend their time gathering high-grade, real-time intelligence on geopolitical, economic, capital market and sector trends to assess relative value amongst a wide range of investments within the private market universe” he adds. On the firm’s approach to investments, the Chairman adds, “By no means a straightforward process, we are constantly vigilant of markets and conduct our own self-assessment. A depersonalised, rigorous approach which stimulates independent, intellectual debate together with a focus on thorough quantitative and qualitative analytical support, lies at the heart of our success, as is fostering a vested and highly motivated team. It is our conviction that other factors of our success are driven by sound governance and a culture based on transparency and integrity.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Advanced Capital is driven by the belief that socially responsible investing and the consideration of the wider impacts of business is a core pillar in the guardianship of assets in today’s society as well as generally being good business, concerning their four generalist funds. As such, values and activities are enshrined in their approach to the wider global milieu in which we sit. They see this as an integral driver of the firm’s success over the last 14 years.

Advanced Capital are committed to maintaining the highest standards of probity in all their activities with all stakeholders, investors, managers, colleagues, regulatory bodies, the private equity industry and the wider community as a whole. Reflecting the firm’s commitment to build sustainable investments, we adhered to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI), the framework which allows us to further incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into their investment process. They are also proud and committed supporters of the globally renowned charity Oxfam in its fight against poverty and injustice worldwide and members of the Aspen Institute, the reference organisation for the encouragement of enlightened leaderships.

Maintaining a very close relationship with their investors is very important to us; their goals are at the heart of the firm’s strategy. To this end, Advanced Capital provide them and other stakeholders with continual disclosure around the firm’s portfolio investments, structure and operations and demonstrate how they work to create long-term sustainable value.

As part of this landscape, Advanced Capital endorse the Private Equity Principles of the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), the leading private equity investors’ organisation which encompasses the largest most sophisticated investors in the world.

Above all, ILPA recognises the need to establish best practices among investors and their investments managers. Its principles of transparency, governance and alignment of interest have been accurately developed with the wider goal to improve the long-term benefit of the private equity industry as a whole. Ensuring that Advanced Capital stay at the forefront of developments in global international affairs and in the latest macroeconomic trends, they support The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), a world-leading multi-rewarded Think Tank. Meanwhile, their memberships of the Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AIFI) and European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) allow Advanced Capital to always keep a state-of-art domain within the private equity industry.

Private Equity Fund of Funds Since its launch, Advanced Capital’s Private Equity Fund of Funds has invested exclusively with specific, targeted, leading international managers, ensuring consistently high returns based on an appropriate level of market risk.

Advanced Capital’s prides itself on being an early mover, allocating a significant portion of its funds towards counter-cyclical distressed and debt strategies in anticipation of a market correction.


Advanced Capital Energy Fund (ACEF) is a global Private Equity Fund of Funds targeting the on-going reshaping of the energy and power industrial landscapes.

The fund explores buyout, growth and restructuring opportunities within the energy markets globally through investments in a number of leading funds across the traditional and alternative energy sectors.

Real Estate Investments

Focussing on one aspect of the work, we now take a look at Real Estate sector which is encompassed by the hard work of the firm’s Seth M. Lieberman, Chief Investment Officer for AC Private Equity Real Estate. Fittingly awarded Real Estate Fund Manager of the Month, Seth certainly boasts an impressive 32 years of industry experience in both the US and in Europe. Indeed, Seth has a wide range of industry experience ranging from business development, senior and mezzanine finance, and equity investments, to restructuring of distressed properties and debt.

Lieberman has held senior positions with UBS Investment Bank (MD), Hypo Real Estate (Joint MD), Lehman Brothers International (ED), Credit Suisse Praedium Funds (Principal) & GE Capital (Director). In addition, he has earned a B.A. in Economics (Cum Laude) from Tufts University and is a member of the Urban Land Institute Europe Executive Committee, its Advisory Board and ULI Global Audit Committee. Mr Lieberman is a board member of Kvalitena AB.

The Advanced Capital Private Equity Real Estate International Fund (AC PERE) is a Real Estate Fund with a global perspective and a focus on opportunistic and distressed debt real estate assets. AC PERE aims to capitalise on illiquid market conditions and primarily invest in distressed property and property debt investments, to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Ending this article on a positive note, the last word goes to the Robert Tomei, Chairman of Advanced Capital Group, “Advanced Capital’s consistently successful track record of 14 years has placed us amongst the best performing managers in the business. Their flexible, value-oriented approach has reduced exposure to exuberant valuations and takes advantage of excessive pessimism or relatively neglected areas of opportunity. This is underpinned by the firm’s fundamental commitment to outperform markets while preserving principal”.

For further information, please contact:
Company: Advanced Capital SGR S.p.A.
Name: Seth M. Lieberman, CIO Real Estate Investments
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:
Address: Via della Spiga 30, 20121 Milano, Italy
Telephone: +39 (02) 3031771

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