Our Previous Winners: Fund Awards (2021)

Wealth & Finance is proud to announce the commencement of the 7th annual Fund Awards, where the tireless efforts of fund professionals from across the globe are recognised and rewarded. Entering the Fund Awards 2022 on Wealth & Finance Magazine is not only the perfect chance to showcase your strength and successes within your field; it is also a great opportunity to show the belief you have in the acumen and dedication of those whom you work alongside. Just by taking part in this programme you are confirming your belief in the products and services you provide, as well as your commitment to your clients. Announcing your inclusion is a signal to your peers and target audience [Our readers include key decision makers from sectors such as hedge funds (26.25%), Insurance (5.36%), Family Offices (11.09%), Banks (20.45%), Investors (5.36%)] that you are operating at peak efficiency and are willing to undergo the scrutiny to prove it. The Fund Award programme is market and sector agnostic, open to all regions and does not exclude based on type of fund, nor strategies used. We host categories for service providers to funds such as, fintech companies, index providers, analysts and traders. It is our aim to provide the best platform for the hardest working and most consistent performers within the fund industry, highlighting the talent and expertise found across its varied range of endeavours. Going on to win one of Wealth & Finance’s 2022 Fund Awards will furnish you with the evidence you require to show superiority over your competitors. Choosing to enhance your victory with physical and digital items is a great way to further promote your success and assist with drawing in top talent and clientele. We are happy to work alongside our winners on any of their marketing and promotional needs. So if you would like to make a nomination for a fund, firm or individual, you are invited to do so via the voting form on our awards page. Please note, we accept self-nominations as well as 3rd party nominations. If you have any questions regarding the awards or a firm’s eligibility, please contact the awards coordinator, Holly Blackwood.



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