Our Previous Winners: Management Consulting Awards (2022)

Wealth & Finance are proud to introduce the inaugural Management Consulting Awards which is the latest edition to our awards portfolio. The awards will showcase the true value of consulting to both the private and public sector from across the globe. Consultants play a crucial role within today’s society by helping clients achieve better results, for less money and faster. Many businesses recognise the value that consultants bring to an organisation by offering expertise in certain areas with the ability to add additional value to key projects. Having a fresh external perspective is highly effective in achieving organisational success. Consultants provide necessary technical expertise combined with a complex understanding of business and organisational dynamics. Taking part in the Wealth & Finance Management Consulting Awards 2022 is the perfect way to affirm your status as an industry leader, whilst also instilling confidence in your clients, customers, and colleagues that you are providing an award-winning service. Awards are proven to boost company morale and our readers are always wanting to hear of award-winning companies and their proven sustainable strategies. Here at Wealth and Finance we are passionate about assisting companies and individuals receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work and efforts. We are keen to welcome a vast array of firms from around the world, and pride ourselves on obtaining a diverse list of companies. We include businesses of all sizes, regardless of number of employees, length of service or annual turnover, in our efforts to ensure that only those truly deserving are successful. All applicants are welcome to provide further materials in support of their nomination, case files, product samples and media packs are all accepted but are not mandatory. In a process which can take up to eight weeks, our experienced research team perform extensive research and fact-checking using publicly available information alongside any further materials supplied to determine this year’s winners. Should you wish to be included in the Management Consulting Awards 2022 or know of a business or individual deserving of a place on the shortlist, please submit a nomination using the voting form above.



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