Our Previous Winners: Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards (2022)

The Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) markets are integral to the ecosystem of emerging businesses; fortifying start-ups and enabling innovative enterprises to thrive. Although PE assets under management (AUM) have dropped significantly since 2021’s record highs, the market is expected to grow substantially, with a forecasted total of US$5.8 trillion AUM by 2025. By the end of 2022, the Venture Capital market had reached around $240 billion and is expected to grow to approximately $700 billion by 2028. Despite global economic challenges and uncertainties, the need for capital to develop businesses and boost their growth will always be present. Wealth & Finance International’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 will shine a spotlight on the most successful Private Equity professionals whose proficiency enhances the development entrepreneurial vision, and therefore society. The Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 will be a showcase of top talent within the industry, providing deserved recognition to those excelling in the face of adversity. Regardless of your chosen sector or specialism, excelling in the Private Equity & Venture Capital industry requires deep knowledge and awareness of current trends, not just in the Private Equity market but also the sectors you wish to invest in. It is not as simple as just making adequate returns; in 2023 PE professionals consider the ethos by which they invest extremely important. After all, the impact that these firms can have on the future of society should not be understated. At Wealth & Finance International, we believe that those firms who are still performing at a high level should be celebrated. To remain persistent and successful in an increasingly uncertain industry is as impressive as it is admirable! Criteria for winners of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 will be multifaceted. The judging panel will consider factors such as your track record of portfolio success, the impact of your invested ventures or your firm’s commitment to social values and ethics. These are not the only criteria; there are many reasons your firm may be selected as a successful winner among a myriad of categories. Our awards are merit-based, so regardless of whether you are a large multinational firm or a sole proprietorship you have the chance to win. Equally, shortlisting and winner outcomes are not dictated by the number of votes received. Becoming a successful winner in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023 is the ideal opportunity to prove that your business stands firmly ahead of your industry peers! If you display the qualities sufficient to be deemed a winner, alongside our complimentary offering you will be presented with a choice of optional promotional resources. These resources harness the reach of Wealth & Finance International’s digital magazine by promoting your achievements to our circulation of 65,000 financial professionals and high-net-worth individuals! So, if you believe that your business or a business you know of is worthy of recognition, please do not hesitate to submit a nomination using the voting form below. If you would like any further information regarding the Private Equity and Venture Capital Awards 2023, you can contact us at [email protected].



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