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Next Level Trading

Next Level Trading is one of the 2015 winners of Wealth & Money Management Awards at Wealth & Finance.

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About Next Level Trading

Best Provider for Trading Templates – USA

With a combined 25 years of trading experience, we launched Next Level Trading in May 2013.  We trade the markets wave to wave, and teach traders how to recognize and calculate the patterns that repeat themselves.  Using higher time frames, symmetry, and proper calculations we help the trader take their trading to the “next level”.  Our experience has taught us that the market is calculated.  The important question is, “Do you know the calculations?”  It’s been said that 98% of all people who try trading fail.  It shouldn’t be that way.  It is our belief that anyone can learn how to trade successfully.  In order to be successful, the trader must have a plan, the plan must be tested with positive results, and the trader must follow through with the plan.  Knowing how to calculate the waves and patterns allows us to anticipate decision points and odds on the next wave.  Wave to Wave analysis uses an entirely new way of calculating, and anticipating waves and patterns.  It is not Elliot Wave.  Trading is hard, so we developed a simple system with simple rules that can be shown to repeatedly lead to profitable results.  The best way to learn Wave to Wave analysis is in a live environment, which is why we have daily live training.  We use Wave to Wave analysis to set our anticipation.  The X90 WaveRider shows us our entries.  The X90 WaveRider is the culmination of 10 years of training traders and designing systems and indicators.  The X90 works seamlessly with our extensive training program, yet is simple enough to be used by the novice trader.  Using a combination of higher time frame levels, atrs, moving averages, and fibonaccis, the X90 is the ultimate entry tool.



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