The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is launching a new campaign in an attempt to restore confidence levels in British businesses.

It is the first time that the CBI, Britain’s largest lobbying group for business, has launched such a campaign, and comes as scandals from major firms and banks have generated much traction in the traditional press and online.

The Great Business Debate will see a number of events take place throughout the country to try and reverse the trend of unfavourable perceptions that such scandals have left many in Britain feeling.

The campaign’s main focus will be to showcase just how business is a force for good in the country. Surveys completed by the lobby group have revealed that only a fraction of people living in the UK believe this the case.

The debate will attempt to extol the virtue of firms in regards to contributing to the country with tax, creating employment and bettering people through training and skill development.

As well as taking the campaign on the road, a major battle field for the initiative will be online. The social sphere will certainly be well-exploited by the |CBI, as it tries to tap into the work already being done to create personal relationships by many leading firms.

Many of the biggest names in business will take part in the drive. Already announced by the CBI are Barclays boss Antony Jenkins, E.ON CEO Tony Cocker and Ruby McGregor-Smith, the head of group Mitie Group.

The CBI is also eager to not just broadcast how business is good for the country. It has stated that it will also listen to and take action on any concerns which are raised.