5th January 2015

ChinaCache establishes European Branch Company in London

China's leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services company enters European market

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ChinaCache establishes European Branch Company in London

ChinaCache officially announced the establishment of its European branch company with its office located in London, marking the formal entrance of ChinaCache’s network service business into the European market, to gradually cover the whole EMEA market with Europe as its core.

This is a key step for ChinaCache to realize its increasing development. This move is also to build a solid network foundation for China’s high-growth Internet companies in expanding their overseas markets, providing a new power into the internationalization prospect for Chinese CDN industry development.

ChinaCache’s Europe branch company will fully promote network distribution and acceleration in the overseas EMEA market for Chinese enterprises, while also helping European local companies, including large-scale conglomerates, operators, solution integrators and distributors to improve the quality of their network access in EMEA and Chinese markets.

Combining rich network resources all over the world and 16 years of professional CDN service experience, ChinaCache will provide the EMEA market with comprehensive network services, such as Chinese network overseas delivery, website acceleration, enterprise-level network solutions, high-definition video and live broadcasting, and customer-specific IDC CDN service.

Based on regional diversification demand characteristics of European companies, ChinaCache will tailor its services to meet specific needs of different customers from both China and Europe.With the gradual increase of trade flows among China and European countries every year, the importance of information technology has been highlighted greatly.

How to use high quality network technology to maximize corporate profits has become the goal for large Chinese and European enterprises to pursue. ChinaCache, as China’s leading total solutions provider of Internet content transmission, with a long-term overseas market network service experience and advanced technology, has been offering Chinese and European companies high quality network services, helping customers to achieve the development of trade across borders and meet the challenges of globalization.

ChinaCache’s London office is located at No. 1 Paddington Street West London, next to many multinational enterprises like Vodafone, VISA, and Microsoft. Besides, the center community of Paddington where ChinaCache’s London office is located is a complex community integrating leisure, entertainment, fitness and catering, providing great convenience and comfort to ChinaCache’s customer visits

The establishment of the European branch company is an important opportunity for ChinaCache in its international development. Mr. Wang Song, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ChinaCache, said, “The establishment of the European branch will greatly enhance our leading advantages over our industry competitors domestically. Besides, through the further cultivation of the international CDN market, we will stand side-by-side with world-class Internet service providers.” For the CDN industry in China, it is a new breakthrough, an important step for the Chinese CDN industry to globalize and promote international network service market.

ChinaCache International Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: CCIH) is the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China. As a carrier-neutral service provider, ChinaCache’s network in China is interconnected with networks operated by all telecom carriers, major non-carriers and local Internet service providers. With more than a decade of experience in developing solutions tailored to China’s complex Internet infrastructure, ChinaCache is a partner of choice for businesses, government agencies and other enterprises to enhance the reliability and scalability of online services and applications and improve end-user experience.

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