The use and understanding of drones within the real estate industry is in line with the wider views of businesses across a variety of sectors, according to Charles Russell Speechlys’ research. In total, 34% of senior decision makers across businesses in Great Britain said drones are either already in use in their industry, or will be in the future, and, on average, 55% said that they lack knowledge around some of the rules and regulations surrounding the technology.

In response to the findings, Charles Russell Speechlys is calling for greater clarity and education surrounding drone law, to help businesses realise the benefits of the technology, without exposing themselves to risk.

The firm has also launched a new report to help businesses understand the legal issues they should be aware of when using drones.

Emma Humphreys, Partner at Charles Russell Speechlys, specialising in property disputes, said:

“Drone technology looks set to take off in the real estate sector, and it appears that it can offer real and profound benefits to the industry.

“However, businesses keen to capitalise on the advantages that drone technology offers must also educate themselves on its responsible use. It is therefore concerning that almost half of real estate businesses surveyed for this report felt they were not knowledgeable about the current rules on drone use.

“But it’s no surprise that businesses do not understand the rules and regulations around drones, as there is currently no clear legal framework to help them. Government must look to help businesses, such as those in the real estate sector, to understand the legal issues around drones by improving the legislative framework which governs their use.”