Happy Tax was born out of frustration with unreliable, under-qualified tax preparers with no licensing or certification and as little as five days tax training. Happy Tax is designed to bridge the gap between the high quality, pampered and convenient customer service that consumers want, and accurate, reliable and professional tax returns prepared by CPAs with a minimum of 5 years of training and experience.

Using Happy Tax’s patent-pending technology and processes, franchisees offering the service will give customers a fresh new experience with none of the hassles traditionally associated with preparing their taxes, meeting them anytime, anywhere including house calls. The franchisees then securely transmit the client’s tax data to their team of highly qualified U.S. based CPAs to professionally prepare the tax returns.

Happy Tax’s services come with an affordable and transparent price. Customers are offered 3 payment options of $200, $300 and $500 —depending on the complexity of the return — without any hidden charges.

“With Happy Tax we wanted to rid the market of cowboy tax ‘professionals’ who are costing hard-working Americans millions of dollars each year in IRS penalties and interest. Our franchisees are left to focus on what they do best, providing amazing customer service, while our experienced CPAs prepare and sign off on the tax returns. I’m so excited and happy to introduce this service to the world. We’ve already been called the Uber of tax preparation but I feel we are much more than that. With a franchise program that will enable average Americans to earn more money and a customer experience that truly revolutionizes the way taxes are done, it’s time we can finally say: Smile, It’s Time to File! ®” said Mario Costanz, CEO and Founder of Happy Tax.

Tax fraud and improper payments by the IRS have topped more than $20 billion each year. To compound this figure, tax preparer suitability in the U.S. is alarmingly low with only 41% of those preparing taxes “professionally” having any licensed credentials whatsoever. “With Happy Tax, the customer experience will be transformed from the typical unpleasant experience of tax preparation to now becoming an enjoyable and happy experience,” said Kermit Uregar, COO and Founder of Happy Tax.

Additionally, 40% of Americans still choose to prepare their own tax return even though they don’t have any previous experience. “With the tax code coming in at 73,000 pages (equivalent to 4 million words or War and Peace 8 times over), preparing their return themselves risks thousands of dollars in penalties and interest or lost refunds due to missed deductions, credits and errors,” said Joseph Sparacio, Vice President of Company Stores and Founder of Happy Tax.