8th September 2022

How to Stop Wasting Time with Your Finances

When you only have so many hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in a month, why would you waste a single second on your finances if your time doesn’t pay off in a big way?

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How to Stop Wasting Time with Your Finances
Budget Planning

When you only have so many hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in a month, why would you waste a single second on your finances if your time doesn’t pay off in a big way? 

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and manage your money better, keep scrolling. These simple tips can help you reclaim your time for better uses.


Don’t Accept Anything But Direct Deposit

Are you still receiving a paper check when you get paid or borrow money? You could be waiting for your paycheck or short-term personal loan to transfer into your bank account, putting an unnecessary squeeze on your cash flow while you pick up your check and wait for your financial institution to process the deposit. 

Things run much smoother and faster when you switch to direct deposit payroll and direct deposit loans. 

Talk to your employer about what you need to do about receiving your paycheck electronically. You may have to share your banking information, so they know where to send the funds.

As for short term personal loans, take the time to find financial institutions that specifically make mention of direct deposit online loans as part of their services.

If approved, you’ll receive your funds in your bank account without needing to meet in person, fill out paperwork, or pick up and cash checks. Direct deposit loans automate many of the steps involved in the typical borrowing experience to save you time. 


Kick Anxiety to the Curb with a Budget

How much time do you spend worrying about immediate bills and their looming deadlines? If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, these negative thoughts can steal hours away from you every day as you obsess over money, or the lack thereof.

If you often come up short, a budget might be the help you need. This spending plan retools your cashflow, giving you a chance to prioritize important bills and expenses before you spend any money on the fun stuff. 

Once you balance your budget, you can set it and forget it, trusting that you have the money you need for upcoming bills. All you need to do is adjust it any time your expenses or income change. 

To save even more time, consider making a budget with an app that automates most of the process for you. Budgeting apps can aggregate banking information from all your accounts and come up with a spending plan that keeps you on track.


Sign up for Purchase Alerts

Experts recommend you review your banking statements regularly to make sure there isn’t any unusual activity you can’t explain. This is a good habit to get into, as it can help you detect possible fraud faster before it escalates.

However, you can wind up obsessing over these statements and checking in more often than you need to keep a handle on your accounts. If you’re finding it hard to know how to manage this task, consider enrolling in purchase alerts.

All the biggest credit card companies offer this automated service, which sends real-time transaction information to your phone, either by text or email. You can customize these alerts so that you get alerted with every activity or specific things, like international purchases, cash advances, or purchases made on the Internet. 


Bottom Line: Small Choices Add Up

While these tips may seem small, they can free up a lot of your precious time. 

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