Welcome to the twelfth issue of Wealth & Finance International Magazine, which is dedicated to providing fund managers, institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment landscapes. This month we take a look and investment and wealth managers who have, simply, done things differently than their peers and competitors. In this challenging economic environment, doing things differently is certainly a risk – avoiding the well-worn path in favour of new pastures. Yet, for the firms included in this month’s issue, these risks have yielded strong results for their clients and company alike.

First up is RPG Wealth, a firm that understands the important of independent, and personalised financial planning advice. Not content to sit still or rest on their laurels, RPG Wealth’s ethos lies in continual improvement and client-centric services. We spoke with John Sangster, RPG’s Head of Investment Research, to find out more about their work.

Also in the issue, Ann Spickett of Total Accounting Kent Ltd writes about how technology has helped spearhead her company’s growth. Equally, as accountancy experts, they are well-placed to make sure that their clients remain up-to-date on incoming regulation changes, as well as guiding businesses to a more secure financial future.

Finally, we spoke with Steve Dabbah, Principal of Bedrock Advisers LLC in New York. Named as the ‘Best Commodity Trading Adviser’ in Wealth & Finance International’s Alternative Investment programme, we were eager to find out more about their best in class investment management solutions.

Here at Wealth & Finance we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this month’s issue and look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Brookes | Editor