New research from global analytics firm Cerulli Associates, predicts that target-date strategies will capture 63.4% of 401(k) contributions in 2018.

“Mega teams are well situated to attract high-net-worth clients,” comments Kenton Shirk, associate director at Cerulli.

“One of many reasons is their size, which allows advisors to offer a greater breadth and depth of expertise to serve the complex needs of affluent clients.”

The second quarter issue of The Cerulli Edge – Advisor Edition examines how established practices can build a scalable practice model to support continued growth, and takes a closer look at how advisors and service providers can shift their focus from mass-affluent clients to the high-net-worth market.

“Mega teams are also ideally positioned to make acquisitions,” Shirk explains. “Their financial success reduces the burden of financing, and the scale of their operational infrastructure makes it easier to service additional clients.”

“As a growing number of advisors near retirement age, acquisitions will help mega teams grow at even faster rates,” Shirk continues.

Cerulli believes that mega teams will continue to grow their marketshare of advisory assets. Broker/dealers and custodians that proactively help their advisorforces step up to the next asset bracket will be well positioned to share in their success.