Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of the highly experienced multi-manager, Tony Yousefian.

Yousefian joins the firm from City Financial, where he managed the EFA OPM Fixed Interest Fund and the EFA OPM Property Portfolio Fund. Formerly Chief Investment Officer of OPM Fund Management, Yousefian joined City Financial in April last year following the acquisition of OPM Fund Management Ltd by City Financial.

Yousefian will continue to manage the £9.5 million EFA OPM Property Portfolio Fund in his new role at Charteris. The Fund, which has delivered a return of 6.1% over the year to 28 February, against a sector average of 2.37%, will continue to be managed according to the same investment mandate and objectives. Way Fund Managers will continue to act as the Fund’s Authorised Corporate Director.

Commenting on the appointment, Charteris Chief Executive Officer and Fund Manager, Ian Williams, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Tony has decided to join us at this exciting stage in the firm’s evolution, and that the EFA OPM Property Portfolio Fund will be coming to Charteris with him to take its place alongside our existing fund range. Tony brings more than 25 years of fund management experience to his new role at Charteris, and we look forward to Tony playing a fully active role in our efforts to build the Charteris fund range, and to broaden our wider investment proposition.”

Tony Yousefian is equally delighted with his new role. He said: “With 35 years’ experience in the Equity and Fixed Income markets, Ian is one of the most experienced and most talented managers working in the fund management field today. I am thrilled to be joining Ian and the team at this time. I would like to wish all my former colleagues at City Financial the very best for the future, and am looking forward to the challenge ahead.”

Andrew Williams, Chief Executive Officer at City Financial said: “We’d like to thank Tony for his contribution and wish him well for the future.”