Welcome to the first issue of Wealth & Finance International Magazine for 2019. As always, we are dedicated to providing fund managers, institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment landscapes. Though the New Year typically heralds in a new start and fresh beginnings, the wealth and finance industries look towards strengthening their position for the challenges that lie ahead. Continuing economic uncertainty partnered with Brexit’s looming presence are, in all likelihood, going to bring renewed volatility to the world’s stock markets.

Yet, it’s not all bad news – not by any means. This issue covers inclusions from some of the most promising asset managers: those who are rallying despite this volatility and using their hard-earned knowledge and experience to protect their client’s investments. Firms like Mori Capital Management Ltd and Delta Asset Management.

We spoke with Mori Capital Management’s Director and Portfolio Manager, Aziz Unan, to find out more about the firm’s extraordinary flagship Mori Eastern European Fund. Remarkably, the fund has delivered a net return of 732.1% (in euro terms) since its inception, significantly outperforming peers.

Further in the issue, Stanislas de La Gastine, a Credit Analyst at Delta Asset Management, offered insight into their unique position as the only French alternative investment firm working in the Special Situations market. Their ESSF fund was recognised in Wealth & Finance’s annual Fund Awards as the Best Event Driven Open-End 5 Year Fund.

Here at Wealth & Finance we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this month’s issue and look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Brookes | Editor

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