Welcome to the Q1 edition of Wealth & Finance International Magazine. As always, with every issue we endeavour to provide fund managers, alongside institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment spheres.

This year we have seen already seen all kinds of weather, news, developments, and companies come and go. Pushing further into this year, we look for inspiration everywhere as we head towards spring. Here we have a varied selection of driven businesses tirelessly searching for new ways to succeed.

With AI at the cutting edge of the industry, some of these businesses have achieved full digitisation throughout the time of the pandemic. For many, this has been something on the cards for a long time but for others, this has merely been accelerated by the state of the world. With more people working from home, or isolating, there has been a huge demand for digitalisation and virtual meetings, data recording, and more.

As the year unfolds, we are looking forward to what is to come from an abundance of businesses in the financial world. The businesses in this issue have all come such a long way and, for many, they have achieved more than they ever could have wished for.

Here at Wealth & Finance we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to seeing you again soon.