Financial Health And Wealth

As a business it is important that we focus on our financial health and find way to grow our long-term wealth. If we have not built up enough wealth one hiccup can tragically cause us to have to close our business. To grow our wealth, it is important to have a clear understanding of our current finances, understand some of the common trends that are occurring, and be able to respond flexibly when we face challenges.


Understanding Our Finances

On a basic level our finances include the difference between how much we own, and how much we owe to others. While we might think of this in terms of if we can pay our bills, it also means understanding if we have the money needed to respond when

something goes wrong. If we can always pay our bills but have no wealth saved up, a simple increase in the price of raw materials could put us out of business. 

No business wants to balance that close to the edge of uncertainty. Often the best way to understand our finances is to do regular audits. These audits might look like general financial audits or doing a FedEx audit to see if we can get a better contract with our shippers. The better we understand our own finances the better we will be able to plan for future wealth growing opportunities.


Using Financial Trends to Plan Ahead

There are several predictions around what is going to occur in 2022. For example, trends in payments suggest that more customers will be making payments on internet based devices such as smart home assistants or smart watches. In addition, trends suggest there will be a need to really be able to target customers based on their buying habits. We won’t be able to simply target everyone in a general demographic and still hope to succeed.

It is important to understand trends because it is easy to lose wealth investing in the wrong infrastructure for our business. We all know of businesses who jumped onto the internet early and thrived and businesses who struggled with changes and slowly faded away because they could no longer reach their customers. We also know of businesses who invested in technology but soon found the type of technology they had invested in was no longer relevant. These kinds of missteps can really impact our businesses financial health.


Importance of Being Flexible 

The businesses that can be the most flexible are the businesses that typically experience the most financial growth. There are a whole host of reasons why we need to be flexible if we want to succeed in the long term. We need to be flexible when we face supply chain issues. We also need to be flexible with how we engage with customers. If we can adapt to our customers, we can create stable long term revenue streams that we can depend on and use to create long term wealth.

For example, we may find that creating a subscription is a great way to increase sales.

Shifting to a subscription model has proven to be profitable for many of us and leads to more predictable revenues. One of the reasons such a model works so well is that customers get our products regularly and are automatically charged so we do not have to worry about them forgetting to buy our product or purchasing our product in a manner where it does not have time to get to them before they need to use it. 

We all would love to be able to grow the wealth of our business so that we can expand and reach even more customers. To do so it is vital that we understand our current financials and where we can make cost adjustments. We also must understand trends in wealth management and finances. Finally,we must be flexible so that we do not fall behind. 

Today more than ever before it is challenging to turn around a business if it starts to fall behind. If we hope to be a thriving business, it is important that we make sure to stay on

top of our finances. In addition, if we can build up our wealth, we can consider using some of that wealth to help support meaningful community programs that help others.