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Wealth & Finance Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2020 FinTech Awards

United Kingdom, 2020- Wealth & Finance magazine have announced the winners of the 2020 FinTech Awards.

FinTech is an ever-evolving – and fast-moving – industry, defined primarily by constant innovation and creativity. Whilst ‘disruption’ has almost been reduced to an oft-stated buzzword, it would be fair to describe the FinTech industry as such. After all, the financial landscape is dominated by long-standing brick and mortar establishment, and new ground is ripe for the taking for those with the expertise, experience and drive to take it.

Now in its fourth year, Wealth & Finance magazine’s FinTech Awards was launched to recognise the firms that are redefining finance and banking for the modern age, and for the modern consumer.  

At launch, Awards Coordinator Chloe Smart commented: “I offer a sincere congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s programme. It has been wonderful to correspond with you all, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of the year ahead.”

To learn more about our deserving award winners and to gain insight into the working practices of the “best of the best”, please visit the Wealth & Finance website where you can access the winners supplement.


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