Our Previous Winners: Retirement Planning Awards (2023)

Wealth & Finance International is thrilled to announce the return of the 2nd annual Retirement Planning Awards! Once again, we strive to honour and commemorate those whose work allows this crucially important industry to flourish. Candidates for the Retirement Planning Awards 2023 will include the entire spectrum of contributors to the pensions and retirement field. From the financial advisors who bring consumers reassurance and empowerment, to the pension plan providers and fund managers who facilitate retirement income generation; Wealth & Finance International is committed to celebrating all influential businesses in the industry. This also includes providers of technology that supports financial professionals in the administration of pensions and allows them to deliver a member experience which meets increasingly high consumer expectations. In light of recent developments in the pensions industry, the Retirement Planning Awards 2023 arrives at a fitting time. As global interest rates increase, purchasing insurance products for company pension schemes is becoming more feasible, adding to further security in retirement planning. Considering that most consumers believe employee benefits are their best chance of ensuring a comfortable retirement, this bodes well for member participation of workplace pension schemes. Furthermore, with the use of helpful pension plan schemes such as CDCs, accessibility in retirement planning is improving. This combined with the ongoing development of industry technology and the increasing savvy with which pension plan managers provide for their members, the Retirement Planning market is showing signs of firm growth and fortitude. The Retirement Planning Awards 2023 serves to showcase the professionals and firms which make this possible. Should you become one of our prestigious winners, Wealth & Finance International’s globally circulated platform will be available for you to share your achievements with our 130,000+ audience of high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and professional services firms. So, if you, an organisation or a professional you know of is exhibiting excellence in what they do, please do not hesitate to engage with our Nominations Team or use the provided voting form. Our unbiased in-house research and judging team thoroughly consider and evaluate each candidate to determine those who have truly shown themselves to be ahead of the competition. Wealth & Finance International is looking forward to announcing the winners of the Retirement Planning Awards 2023.



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