Managing finance

Throughout the year, there are plenty of seasonal holiday to celebrate whether it be Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or New Years. Depending on your individual beliefs, you may have additional times of celebration. Often, these times are for eating, drinking, and celebrating with loved ones.  However, these times of year can also prove to be quite stressful financially. Especially, if they call for gift-giving or organising an event like a family party. Whatever the occasion, there’s plenty of ways to keep on top of things financially for these times without the need to over spend.


Plan Ahead

When seasonal events occur during the year, the last thing you want is to fork out a payday loan to cover the expenses. A top piece of advice would be to plan of yourself to avoid such financial pressures. Invest in a calendar to you can pinpoint all the important dates during the year. This way you can remain mindful of how much potential money you will need to spend, whether you need to buy gifts, and it also provides you with an opportunity to budget. It’s important not to leave things to the last minute. Take advantage of seasonal sales too. That way, you can save yourself time and ease the stress when these events come around.


Party Hard but Party Money Smart

Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, whatever the occasion there is no doubt going to be a party with friends and family. We know full well that the more partying to be had, the more opportunity to spend money increase. Whatever the occasion, let your hair down but be mindful of how much you’re spending. When it comes to spending money at social events throughout the year, one piece of advice would be to set aside budgets for this. Taking a calendar, you can look ahead of yourself and create social budgets at the beginning of each month and work from there. In some cases, looking two months ahead of yourself would be more organised.


No Need to Be Extravagant

When social events occur throughout the year, particularly the more special occasions, it’s easy to spend. Whether you’re spending money on a new outfit, hair, make-up, shoes for yourself or buying gifts to mark the occasion. There’s nothing wrong with learning to be a bit more frugal since these times are all about having fun. When it comes to dressing up for occasions, why not haul your local charity shops to find a second-hand outfit at a fraction of the cost? Plus, gift-giving doesn’t need to cost the earth. Some of the most thoughtful gifts are the ones that are handmade or bought with sentimental intention.


Don’t Try and Pay for Everything

Hosting parties and events throughout the year can add up. Even having the family round for a Sunday dinner every week cuts into your monthly food budget. Let alone the idea of hosting lots of celebrations. If you need help easing the financial pressures, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Even if we have loads of space in our home, it doesn’t always mean we have loads of money. If it’s a dinner you’re hosting, you could ask each guest to bring a dish with them. Not only does this ease your wallet, but also makes dinner more interesting. Family occasions, whatever the celebration, are a team effort.


Take Time Out

For some of us, the year can be filled with all kinds of social events to look forward to. Remember to take time out for yourself, especially around the bigger events. If you have any paid annual leave, take advantage, and get paid while you have some fun. Each month, set aside small budgets for self-care so you can look after yourself all year round while having fun with family and friends.