All cars require care and maintenance, but some checks must be done monthly to keep you safe and the car running effectively. Preventive work on your vehicle helps reduce bills by avoiding costly repairs from poor maintenance. Well-maintained cars also use less gas, helping you save money as the engine is more efficient.

Regular preventive measures keep your vehicle in good order, and the car lasts longer on the road if maintained well. Most checks can be performed by you easily or with gadgets, like the best OBD scanner, and there are even some garages that can help if you are unsure. Here’s a rundown of the type of checks you should be doing monthly, including with the best OBD scanner, and if you are heading out on a long journey.

Oil and Water

A simple but essential check for any car owner is to assess the oil and water level in the car engine and radiator. If the oil or water gets to a low or even empty level, it can significantly damage the engine, cause the car to break down, and lead to severe problems and a hefty bill for you. On the other hand, ensuring your oil and water levels are optimal is easy to do and prevents the vehicle from breaking down.

Coolant Checks

Coolant transfers heat and keeps your car engine from getting too hot or freezing. If you don’t have enough coolant in the car, you risk seriously damaging the engine or will not be able to start it on a cold day. Check your coolant level monthly to ensure your supply is not too low, and replenish if necessary. Maintaining small things like the coolant helps prolong the life of your car, saving you money.

Check the Electronics

An OBD scanner is easy to use and plugs into your car computer system. It alerts you to issues with the electronics. For example, an OBD scanner tells you whether a problem such as a strange light is easy to fix yourself or will require a repair job with a dealer. In addition, the best OBD scanner provides more information, such as the functionality of your engine. If you want to run a few checks to ensure your car is in good order, a monthly review with the best OBD scanner will keep you updated. Dealing with a problem earlier saves money as it prevents wider damage to the car, which will cost significantly more to fix and extends the life of your vehicle.

Tire Pressures

Tire pressures are very important to check for several reasons. When you look at your tires, you need to check the tread to ensure it is not too worn and the pressure. If your tire is not inflated to the correct level, it can lead to skidding and an accident. However, an underinflated tire also leads to significantly higher gas consumption, costing you more money to run the car. Check your car tires at least monthly to stay safe on the roads and use gas efficiently. The best OBD scanner can also check gas consumption efficiencies using fuel trim but should be done in addition to checking tire pressures.

Windshield Cleaner

Visibility while driving is essential. Most people have windshield cleaner mixed with water in the window washer, which helps clear dirt and grease from the windshield. In winter, salt and mud from roads can obscure your windshield in seconds, so having a good supply of cleaner is vital. The solution usually contains ethanol to stop it from freezing in winter. Check the windshield cleaner and water levels monthly, so you don’t get caught out with a dirty window and no cleanser.


Lights are critical in your car as they indicate your movements and alert other drivers to issues such as braking or turning. Sometimes you don’t realize your lights are not working until someone points it out or there’s a problem. You can do a visual check each month to see whether they are all working, including fog and brake lights. If you use the best OBD scanner, you can check the longevity of some electrical items and replace them before they stop working altogether.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is essential for the healthy engine performance of your car. You don’t need to replace it often in a modern vehicle, but scheduling it on your monthly maintenance check is advisable. Also, it would be best if you only did it in good weather as rain can affect the functionality of brake fluid. If your levels continue to drop, get the car checked out because low brake fluid affects the way your car brakes work. It affects your safety, making the point of saving money for car insurance moot. If you have an accident, it affects the cost of your insurance as you are considered a higher-risk driver, so maintaining your car is another easy way of keeping costs low.


Your car battery should be on your monthly maintenance checks on top of using the best OBD scanner. Maintaining a car battery well can save many miles in the long run. Check the cables for fraying and wear and that the positive and negative terminals in the battery are not becoming corroded. Using the best OBD scanner, you can see what life remains in car parts like batteries. A weak battery can affect the electrical function of your car and lead to breakdowns and higher bills.

The Bottom Line On Monthly Car Maintenance

Scheduling monthly checks for your car using manual methods and the best OBD scanner is essential to help keep it in good working order while ensuring your safety on the road. It also enables you to save money from better gas usage and prevents more extensive damage to the car. In addition, checking out oil, water, lights, and other parts makes it easy to top up and replace items before they cause problems. Using the best OBD scanner helps with monthly checks as well. If you have a well-maintained car, you will be a safer driver on the road, and it can help keep your vehicle running for longer.