Welcome to the second issue of Wealth & Finance International Magazine for 2019. As always, we are dedicated to providing fund managers, institutional and private investors with the very latest industry news in the traditional and alternative investment landscapes. This issue we are looking forwards. More specifically, at how to secure the future, whatever the coming years may bring.

With that in mind, we have spotlighted a number of firms and practitioners who are in the market of protecting the future – whether that be through providing financial advice, security solutions, or future-proof banking services. On the cover of this month’s issue is Azizi Bank, who have swiftly become one of Afghanistan’s largest commercial banks. We spoke to Dr. (Prof) Mohammad Salem Omaid, CEO of Azizi, who discussed the bank’s mission, vision and plans for the year ahead.

Elsewhere in the issue, we sat down with Christian Holland, Director of FACET, who offered some insight into the firm’s investment management services. As independent wealth managers, FACET have forged an impressive reputation through an ability to cater to the needs of their clients, providing impartial and unbiased advice that achieves results.

Finally, we profiled Redwood Bank to discover how they are revolutionising traditional banking services to cater to British SMEs.

Here at Wealth & Finance we sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this month’s issue and look forward to hearing from you.

Laura Brookes | Editor

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