The internet is full of stories about HODLers who got into crypto early and stuck with it.

For little contributions, many early investors made hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Cryptography, on the other hand, was a bit of a mystery at first, and only a few people understood it. The majority of investors either missed the boat or only put a little amount of money into this chance.

Even if you missed out on the early days of cryptocurrency, it’s not too late to profit. Today, we’ll look at cryptocurrency investments and ways that even newbies to the technology can use to create passive income in 2022.

Mining Crypto

Mining cryptocurrency was the first method of generating passive income with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Mining is the process of using computer processing power to solve difficult mathematical problems and verify transactions, with the cryptography expert sharing “proof of work” that demonstrates the solution.

In exchange for their “work,” the fastest “miner” to solve the puzzle is rewarded with cryptocurrency or tokens.

Using Bitcoin Core mining software and purpose-built computer processors known as ASICs, people could earn bitcoin quickly in its early days (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits). Mining became more profitable as bitcoin became more popular and the value of the coin increased.

Majority of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have a finite money supply or a certain amount of coins that will be released at any one time. The incentives have dropped, and the requirements to earn tokens have increased as a result of the growing number of miners mining.

Mining is becoming more and more costly and resource-intensive. Individuals are no longer able to make a lot of money from their own mining operations. Instead, the majority of the mining is done by large mining farms with hundreds of ASICs and vast amounts of power.

These mining farms are located in regions like Quebec, where the temperatures are cold enough to keep the machinery cool and keep electricity bills low. Mining continues to power proof-of-work networks like Bitcoin from these massive facilities in frigid climates, and there are always opportunities to invest in mining rigs as prices rise.

Lending Cryptocurrency

Lending cryptocurrency works on the same basic principles as regular cash loans: the borrower pays the lender interest. In that situation, the loan is secured by crypto assets worth usually greater than the amount borrowed. You can deposit bitcoin and borrow fiat currency, then return this fiat and get the same amount of Bitcoins back. Your crypto keeps the trading potential.

Some platforms, such as BlockFi, function as marketplaces, giving crypto depositors a fixed interest rate comparable to a high-yield savings account and then lending those assets to borrowers who may make even higher returns.
The borrower secures the loan with bitcoin, ensuring that the investment is protected in the event of a crisis. In exchange, they are given money.

Staking Tokens

As a means of authenticating transactions and creating crypto, proof of stake has risen in popularity. Another approach to creating passive money with cryptocurrencies is by staking.

For people who possess cryptocurrencies that use the proof-of-stake algorithm, staking is an option for passive income. Stakers basically give their coins to the network in order for transactions to be approved. In exchange for lending your coins and assisting with validation, the network rewards you with more coins, effectively allowing you to earn interest.

Getting started with crypto staking often requires a minimum investment. For example, Ethereum (ETH) requires 32 ETH (~$40,000 of value in today’s prices) to establish a staking pool, though as a smaller holder, you can participate in a group pool as well.

You must hold and stake a particular quantity of tokens to join a network. Maximizing your stake and maintaining a consistent connection to a crypto wallet is the most efficient approach to make passive revenue with staking. If you consider supply increases to be a type of inflation, you can consider staking as a strategy to avoid inflation and keep your value current.


In the blockchain business, the number of ways to earn money passively is increasing. Blockchain firms that provide generalist mining services have adopted some of these strategies.

Cryptocurrencies may become a potential option for a stable source of income as they become more trustworthy and safe. If you are further interested in earn crypto you can visit CEX.IO and buy some.